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Girls Player Ratings 2018s

EDITED May 20, 2013
EDITED June 15, 2013

Class of 2018

Now in 7th grade, playing 12 & Under club  ball this summer. At the AAU championships, I saw 2 2018 games, 3 teams, all of them semi-finalists. I saw the champions from North Tartan 12U twice.

1. Carmen Backes, Chisago Lakes, 5-11, forward. North Tartan 13U. Played 14 minutes in the state tournament against champion DeLaSalle and scored 5 points with a rebound, an assist and 2 turnovers. Playing up and is a prime contributor on North Tartan's 13U AAU champions.

2. Christina Carr. Playing for her dad at 43 Hoops 12U this summer. Plays the post now but looks more like a forward longer term. Puts the ball on the floor and gets to the rim. Likely to end up at Eden Prairie, where her dad is also the coach.

3. Maesyn Thiesen, Becker, 5-5, guard, North Tartan 12U, the brains/the coach on the floor for the 12U state champs. Super court sense, protects the ball, makes the offense go, can score.

4. Kayla Mershon, Minnetonka, 6-1, wing, North Tartan 12U. A super basketball body, 6-1 already but mobile as you could want. Needs to get better at putting the ball in the hole while in motion and taking contact.

5. Sam Haiby, Moorhead, 5-6, guard, North Tartan 12U. Gotta ask, of course, if all the best kids play for Tartan, then why did they just win the final 2 rounds by 6 and 9 points? Fair question. Maybe it's just the "Tartan system" that makes the kids look good? Or is it the kids making Tartan look good? Whatever, the fact is they looked so well organized, so mature, with stuff like floor spacing. And along with Thiesen, it was Haiby and Erika Hicks, the 3 point guards, who really excelled in those things that make Tartan Tartan.

6. Katey Brattland. International School during HS season, 43 Hoops 12U now. I know some of the 43 Hoops/Eden Prairie parents are hoping she ends up at Eden Prairie, but I'm also hearing that, no, she'll be staying at International.

7. Kali Grimm, Norwood-Young America, forward. MN Fury 2018 Blue. A long, athletic scorer, What more do you want?

8. Sydney Stapleton, Centennial, 5-8, guard, North Tartan 12U. Not as big as Mershon, who is assumed to have more upside. But right now, today, Stapleton is more likely than Mershon to put the ball in the hole.

9. Marie Olson, 6-1, center-forward. North Tartan 12U. Pretty much of a ringer for Mershon.

10. Alexis Mathews, Centennial. North Metro Aftershock DuBois. #1 scorer in AAU Qualifier.

11. Erica Hicks, 5-2, guard. North Tartan 12U. See my comments for #3 Maesyn Thiesen and #5 Sam Haiby.

12. Audrey Gadison, Benilde-St. Margaret's, 5-5, guard. Playing up with Midtown Monarchs 13U. Another gym rat who plays like a veteran.

13. Zoe Hardwick, post. A big girl, works hard. 43 Hoops, where the parents think she'll end up at Eden Prairie.

14. Madison Kerzman, Becker, 6-1, center-forward. North Tartan 12U.

15. Elizabeth Edinger, Woodbury, forward. MN Fury 2018 Blue.

16. Amanda Pollard, Champlin Park, guard. MN Fury 2018 Blue. Strong, athletic.

17. Gabby Mocchi, Legacy Christian, forward. Not as long as Grimm but of similar maturity and skill.

18. Sidney Zieske, Waconia, 5-5, Metro Stars 12U.

19. Annika Rose, Maple Grove, 5-6, guard. North Tartan 12U.

20. Kari Macura, Lakeville North, guard. 43 Hoops.

21. Sophia Findell. MN Heat Soukop.

22. Megan Walstad, forward. 43 Hoops.

23. Jordan Ferrand, White Bear Lake. MN Fury 2018 Blue. Another nice long body.

24. Bailey Becker. North Tartan.

25 (tie), Heather Elfering, forward, and Anna Peters, guard, both Forest Lake. And both play for Fury 2018 Gold.

27. Lynnea Helman, Rogers. MN Fury 2018 Blue.
28. Mariah Alipate, Bloomington Jefferson, center-forward. 43 Hoops.
29. Lauryn Moline, Maple Grove, 5-9, guard. North Tartan 12U.
30. Megan Walker, Rogers, 5-7, guard. North Tartan 12U.

31. Jaclyn Jarnot, Maranatha, 5-6, guard, MN Stars 7th Blascziek.
32. Paige Favilla. MN Stars 7th Gardner.
33. McKenna Monahan, Glencoe-Silver Lake. MN Fury 2018 Blue.
34. Kelsey Peschel, Sauk Center, 5-6, guard, North Tartan 12U
35. Annika Holt, Northfield, 5-11. NT 12U SIlver.
36. Whitney Dold. North Tartan West.
37. Ellie Wolkow, Lakeville South, guard. MN Fury 2018 Blue.
38. Kira Mosley. 43 Hoops.
39. Courtney Carlson, Eastview, 5-9. Metro Stars 12U.
40. Taylor Brown, Lakeville North, 5-9, Metro Stars 12U

41. Linnea Bollum, 43 Hoops
42. Stephanie Braund, Braham, 5-7, forward
43. Imani Sa'eed-El, Bloomington Kennedy
44. Alyssa Wagner, 43 Hoops
45. Sydney Blandin, Farmington, 5-5, Metro Stars 12U
46. Taylor Rawstern, Lakeville North, 5-3, Metro Stars 12U
47. Maria Strom, Minnetonka, MN Fury 2018 Blue
48, Andrea Abrams, Eastview, MN Fury 2018 Blue
49, Taylor Zaugg, Champlin Park, 5-2, Metro Stars 12U
50. Lauren Blacsziek, MN Stars Blacsziek

Watch List in alpha order

Kari Benson, Becker 7th grade club
Peyton Bernstrom, Becker 7th grade club
Lauren Boike, Eagan, 5-7, NT 12U Silver
Mary Burke, Mountain Iron-Buhl, 5-7, post
Rachel Garvey, Waconia, 5-2, Metro Stars 12U
Rachel Hakes, Woodbury, 5-2, Metro Stars 12U
Heaven Hamling. MN Stars Blascziek.
Ellie Henry, Eden Prairie 7th grade club
Sydney Jones, Eden Prairie 7th grade club
Madeline Loder, Orono, 5-7, Metro Stars 12U
Hailey Moore, St. Agnes, 5-9, Metro Stars 12U
Terra Rhoades, Minnehaha, 5-4, guard. MN Stars Blascziek.
Emma Schultz, Eden Valley-Watkins, 5-6. NT 12U Silver
Renae Tripp, Becker 7th grade club


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  2. Thank you for your updates in the 2018 group. Terra Rhoades from the Mn Stars should be rated much higher. She's a great defensive player. Also Heaven Hamling from Mn Stars is an excellent point guard with consistent scoring in each game, she should be added to top 50 if not watch list. Thanks again I enjoy your blog.

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  4. Brooke Walter from Lyle Pacelli needs to be on that list. She was the starting point guard as a 7th grader on a team that went 23-3. She's easily one of the top 10 players in the class. She played for an obscure aau team mn Cagers from southern minn and almost single handly kept them in games (including playing tough with 43 hoops). Do your research, the kid can flat out play.

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  8. To comment on Mr. Anderson's comment about Terra, she was on the top Stars team last year and was asked back this year. She choose to not come back. This 2018 top player list is highly inaccurate anyway.

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  10. No problem, it is hard to know what is the top team until you actually see them play. My problem though with rating younger girls is, you can only rate the ones you see. There are lots more girls with better talent than what is rated above. It will be interesting to see how this changes this year.

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  12. Mike. First, these ratings went up in June 2013. Second, what is the story with a guy who was a college recruiter for 15 years going totally berserk on a 13 year old girl? (I can't even imagine what you wrote that you felt you had to delete.) Third, the guy on Northstar Girls Hoops is the same guy writing this comment and this blog. It's just somebody's opinion, mine as it happens. It's not a big deal.