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Boys Class AAA at Williams Arena Wednesday March 12

Class AAA All-Stars (Today)

C- Justin Dahl, Holy Family 15 pts-10 boards-3 blocks
PF- Reid Travis, DeLaSalle 20 pts-7 boards-3 blocks
SF- Joe Hanel, Holy Family 14 pts-9 boards
PG- Zach Wessels, Austin 23 pts
SG- Sacar Anim, DeLaSalle 21 pts

2nd Team

C- Sam Sustanek, Orono 21 pts-8 boards-3 steals
PF- Jon Vogeler, Alexandria 13 pts-6 rebounds- 2 assists-2s teals
SF- Ajuda Nywesh, Austin 15 pts
PG- Geno Crandall, DeLaSalle 13 pts-5 assists-3 blocks
SG- Riley Sharbono, Marshall 22 pts-5 boards

3rd Team

C- Adam Laine, Cloquet 13 pts-11 boards-3 blocks
PF- Andy TenEyck, Orono 12 pts-3 assists
PG- Cole Hennings, Orono 23 pts
SG- CD Douglas, Marshall 16 pts-3 assists
SG- Bret Lukes, Austin 10 pts

Final Score: Holy Family 63 Cloquet 41

Cloquet led last at 19-18 late in the first half, and got outscored 45-22 from there. 6-7 Cloquet post Adam Laine outscored Holy Family's Justin Dahl 12-6 in the first half, but Dahl ended up outscoring Laine on the day.

Up Next: Class AA: East Grand Forks vs. Esko and St. Peter vs. Fairmont

The first of those will be starting in about 45 minutes.

1:37 Holy Family 59 Cloquet 40

They're still grinding this one out, but it's been over since my last post at 8:08. Cloquet just doesn't have enough firepower.

8:08 Holy Family 46 Cloquet 32

Nice feed from Nathan Weets to Dillon Johnson for the latter's 10th and 11th points, but Cloquet is just not finding enough ways to score. Justin Dahl has finally gotten active for the Fire and he has caught up to Cloquet's post Adam Laine at 12 points apiece.

13:15 Holy Family 38 Cloquet 28

Unsung hero for Cloquet is 6-0 senior guard Maxx Brenner who is guarding 6-6 Fire forward Joe Hanel man-to-man. Well, he's getting some help, but he's the front line.

Halftime Holy Family 34 Cloquet 21

Halftime stats highlights include Fire shooting 45 percent, Jacks 37 percent, but the bigger difference is 31 shots to just 19. Holy Family has just 3 turnovers and 6 offensive boards, Cloquet 9 turnovers and 3 offensive boards.

And along with the point totals below, Colton Stenerson of Holy Family has 6 points and 5 assists, almost half of the combined total for both teams. Laine leads everybody with 7 boards.

Cloquet had the led at 19-18 at 5:54 but down the stretch it was all Fire as they ran off 14 straight points before the Lumberjacks were able to score again. Joe Hanel has 12 points, Justin Dahl 6.

4:25 Holy Family 24 Cloquet 19

Cloquet timeout, Holy Family is finding it way too easy to score. Joe Hanel has been unstoppable with a scoop shot in close and a little jumper out to about 10 feet. Laine is outplaying Dahl in the post.

9:16 Cloquet 13 Holy Family 12

It's 6-11 Justin Dahl of HF vs. 6-7 Adam Laine of Cloquet. So far Laine leads 4-2 but Dillon Johnson with a couple looooong 3s is the real star so far. The Fire's guard Joen Hanel looks great with a couple scoops and a big dunk.

There's a bit of history in the house (in Class AAA)

An all-time all-star team from these 8 schools would be pretty star-studded.

C- Burdie Halldorson, Austin 1951, went on to a stellar college career at Colorado
PF- Hal Haskins, Alexandria 1943, already described above
SF- Ben Johnson, DeLaSalle 1999, two-time state champ, played at Minnesota
PG- Dave "Mouse" Meisner, Cloquet 1963, had a nice career at Winona State
SG- Terry Porter, Marshall 1963, had an equally nice career or maybe better at St. Cloud State

Second Team

C- Ray Buffalo, DeLaSalle 1931, led the Islanders to the national Catholic championship
PF- LeRoy Gardner, St. Paul Central 1965, played at Minnesota
SF- Mike Forrest, Cloquet 1963
PG- Tom Kezar, Austin 1959
SG- Jim Hill, St. Paul Central 1967

Austin of course won 3 state titles in the single class era (1935-1946-1958). Marshall beat Austin in the first round en route to its title in 1963, then beat Cloquet 75-74 in what is regarded as one of the best finals ever. 

Alexandria was runner-up in 1943 with the great Sleepy Hal Haskins who set a tournament scoring record of 57 points in 3 games that stood for all of one year. But Haskins went on to earn all-America honors in college at Hamline, but not "little all-America" or anything like that. He was named to the same all-America team as the guys from the Big Ten, the SEC, etc. In fact, he was chosen as the best college player to play in Madison Square Garden that year.

Of course, there's some more recent history as well. Holy Family won Class AA back in 2007 on what is regarded as one of the best championship Saturdays of the 4-class era, though that's more because of the Ellsworth-Cass Lake and Armstrong-Buffalo games. And DeLaSalle, well, you probably know some of their recent history and longer term, there's just to much history to give justice to it right now. And Orono took Class AAA a few years ago.

That leaves St. Paul Central which played in the 1965 and 1967 tournaments with 2 of the greats of that era--LeRoy Gardner and Jim Hill--and then they played in six straight and 7-of-8 tournaments from 1979 to 1986.

Final Score Austin 61 Alex 50

 Austin shot 41 percent, Alex 31. 2nd chance points kept Alex in the game (17 for Alex, just 6 for Austin), but points off turnovers were 15-8 Austin and the Packers made 13-of-16 FT in the last 7 minutes. Zach Wessels scored 23 points and is the obvious Player of the Game.

0:57 Austin 58 Alex 50

Austin is on its way to the semis, and the punctuation was a big block of an Alex 3-point attempt by Gach Gach. Austin has been winning a free throw shooting contest the past few minutes otherwise.

2:57 Austin 51 Alex 46

Vogeler got a steal then missed the breakaway layup for Alex, but each team has made 2-of-2 throws.

3:19 Austin 49 Alex 44

Alex failed to score on 6 straight possessions while Austin scored 3 straight times but then had a pair of dry ones, too. So Dave Krivanek scores for Alex and they're still within 5.

6:57 Still 43-42

Bistoeau a huge offensive foul with a chance to tie at 7:08.

8:24 Austin 43 Alex 42

Alex got within 41-40 on a pair of transition buckets, now a couple FT by Vogeler gets it back to 1.

9:43 Austin 41 Alex 36

Well, Alex isn't going away.John Vogeler and Chase Kohler each hit a 3 and Joe Gorghuber and Brandon Bistodeau each scored 4 points in the last 5 minutes.

16:07 now 37-21

Alex is in trouble. 0-for-1 with 2 turnovers this half and both turnovers were home runs for Zach Wessels. I admit that Wessels did not impress me last year, his role mostly being to feed the Aases. Now he is showing tremendous quickness, super moves to get to the rim, quick hands and feet on D, just a great all-around 1 game.

 17:31 it's still 29-21

Alex shot 7-of-24, Austin 12-of-25 in the first, both teams were 3-of-10 from long range, and they're perfect at the FT line so far.

Halftime Austin 29 Alexandria 21

Wessels has 12, Nywesh 11 and Austin's aggressive D has caused Alex to shoot 7-of-25.

1:19 Austin 27 Alexandria 19

4:34 Austin 22 Alexandria 15

Austin much quicker and very aggressive on D, have caused some turnovers, challenged some Alex shots. And when Zach Wessels scored on a pretty fancy spin move to the rim in transition (for his 9th and 10th points) Alex took a timeout. Wessels to the rim and Ajuda Nywesh on the 3 are a pretty good 1-2 puch.

8:28 Austin 13 Alexandria 10

Alex timeout as they're having trouble with Austin's aggressive fullcourt defense. Still they're within 3 as Austin is 6-of-13 (4-for-their-last 4). Alex is 3-of-11.

It's early, Austin leads 4-0

It's fun to see two teams who could have and did play one another back in the day.... But as for today, Austin is dominating so far though it is of course early. But they've got the only buckets and the only offensive rebounds.

Shakopee 54 Osseo 51

I did not of course see this game but I did notice that the favorite, Osseo, lost by 3 while making 4-of-10 FT. Ouch!

Up Next: The A's have it--Alexandria (15-11) vs. Austin (26-3)

DeLaSalle 81 St. Paul Central 48

Finally got the stats for this one. The Islanders led 18-3 and 38-17 at the half and were never threatened. Sacar Anim scored 21, Reid Travis 20 and Geno Crandall 13 for DeLaSalle. Rayeon Williams scored 11 on 4-of-17 shooting and Jon Gubbrud added 10 off the bench for Central. The Islanders shot 70 percent from the field, Central just 28 percent.

Orono 77 Marshall 72

Orono shot 51 percent from the field and 88.5 percent from the line, including 20-of-23 in the 2nd half, to hold off the Marshall Tigers. Marshall got down by as many as 10 (twice) but never went away. But the Tigers didn't get many stops.

Cole Hennings scored 23, Sam Sustacek 21 and Andy TenEyck 12 for Orono. Riley Sharbono scored 22, CD Douglas 16 and Connor Winkelman 12 for Marshall.

0:05.7 Orono 76 Marshall 72

Riley Sharbono finally scored on a tip-in, the Tigers 5th offensive board in this sequence. But it's still a two-possession game. Marshall takes timeout.

0:31 Orono leads 74-68

Orono finally missed a throw but then Marshall did the same. The the Spartans drained another pair.

1:11 Orono 69 Marshall 65

The Tigers scored 5 quick points on a 3 and a steal-and-2. Orono hit a pair of free throws--they have been absolutely deadly from the charity stripe. But Marshall came back with a quick bucket. But they need a stop and haven't had many.

3:37 Orono 63 Marshall 57

Marshall timeout. The Tigers are scoring plenty of points to win, but they haven't gotten too many stops. Cole Hennings now has 21 for Orono and Sam Sustacek 18. Riley Sharbono has 16 and CD Douglas 14 for Marshall. The Tigers have picked up the defensive pressure a bit but Orono is for the most part handling it.

6:03 Orono leads 57-51

Riley Sharbono just hit a 3 for Marshall which would have made it 53-51 but it was waved off due to an illegal pick. Orono scored 2 quick buckets before Marshall got one of them back, and quickly took  timeout.

8:25 to play Orono 52 Marshall 48

Orono had a small lead when I arrived, led at the half 35-26, it is now 52-48, which is about as close as the Tigers have gotten. Cole Hennings has 19 for Orono and has outplayed Marshall star Riley Sharbono, who has 12.

1: 00 p.m. 

Hey I got held up in traffic, sorry. Just getting settled in and learned that DeLaSalle easily won the days's first game 81-48 over St. Paul Central. And right now the MSHSL Web site appears to be stuck in traffic as well, meaning no data on the game is available at the present time.

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