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Boys Class AA from Williams Arena, Wednesday, March 12

Williams Arena All-Stars for Wednesday

C- Justin Dahl, Holy Family 15 pts-10 boards-3 blocks
PF- Reid Travis, DeLaSalle 20 pts-7 boards-3 blocks
SF- Kory Deadrick, Esko 24 pts-14 boars-3 assists-3 blocks-3 steals
PG- Zach Wessels, Austin 23 pts
SG- Sacar Anim, DeLaSalle 21 pts

2nd Team

C- Jim Warmack, East Grand Forks 24 pts--11 boards
PF- Joe Hanel, Holy Family 14 pts-9 boards
SF- Tom Steidler, St. Peter 19
PG- Geno Crandall, DeLaSalle 13 pts-5 assists-3 blocks
SG- Riley Sharbono, Marshall 22 pts-5 boards

3rd Team

C- Sam Sustanek, Orono 21 pts-8 boards-3 steals
PF- Jon Vogeler, Alexandria 13 pts-6 rebounds- 2 assists-2s teals
SF- Ajuda Nywesh, Austin 15 pts
PG- Cole Hennings, Orono 23 pts
SG- Mitch Pfingsten, Fairmont 17

Final score: Fairmont 58 St. Peter 54

Steidler finished with 19 for St. Peter, Pfingsten and Ruen 17 for Fairmont.

Now it's 57-54 with 6.8 seconds left

And Fairmont is on the FT line with a chance to ice it. Two controversial calls: On the inbound pass, a Fairmont defender deflected. It appeared then to go off of white, but the official gave the ball back to St. Peter. Then Steidler went up for a shot, found a defender in his face, passed the ball, but the official said he came down with it first and called traveling.

Fairmont 55 St. Peter 53 with 20.7 ticks on the clock

Steidler has 1 more FT coming which will bring St. Peter within 1. Whether it's 1 or 2, they'll go for a steal and then foul.

Fairmont 53 St. Peter 50 at 3:39

It's pretty intense. Kids are getting of some pretty good shots but the scramble for the rebound is pretty brutal out there right now. St. Peter is going from a man to a 2-3 zone, Fairmont is in the zone. Fairmont has the ball.

6:47 St. Peter timeout, Fairmont leads 49-46

After St. Peter took the lead 46-45 with a pair of steals, it was Fairmont's turn to steal the ball back on 3 straight Saints possessions. They scored on two of them to take back the lead.

Tom Steidler having the game of his life

Imagine dunking the ball in Williams Arena. Steidler just did, not image it, he did it in transition to get St. Peter within 45-43. He then got a steal and a 2 + 1 (but no dunk) to put St. Peter ahead 46-45. He then stole the ball again and dunked again but it was waved off on a foul further up court. His team then turned it over and Fairmont's Luke Becker scored off of that steal to put Fairmont back ahead 47-46.

11:46 Fairmont back ahead

They're back trading the lead. Fairmont took its first lead sine 23-22 at 38-37. St. Peter answerd with a 3 but now its Fairmont 45-39.

From the halftime stats

Fairmont would be in trouble without their "special teams." They're ahead 7-2 in points off turnovers and 6-0 on 2nd chance points. St. Peter has a big advantage in initial half court offense.

Halftime and it's Fairmont 34 St. Peter 34

There is nothing to suggest that Fairmont (24-4) is ten games better than St. Peter (14-14). Apparently St. Peter's top scorer, Kolin Bartlett, missed a month or so of the season. In any event, the two teams traded the lead on 19 of the 23 separate scoring plays from tip-off to 4:23. Then the Saints pulled ahead 28-23. Fairmont tied it up on a long 3 by Mitch Pfingsten. In fact Phfingsten scored 7 points inside of 1 minute tying it first at 32 then at 34.

Pfingsten has 13, Tom Steidler of St. Peter 10.

6:17 to go in the first half…

And there's not much to choose between these two teams. they're trading the lead on every basket.

At the halfway point in the first half 14-14

Jay Ruen has 6 for Fairmont, Tom Steidler has 5 for St. Peter.

They're off

Will it be three on a match? Fairmont has beaten St. Peter twice by 14 and 11, the second time with St. Peter's top scorer, Kolin Bartlett, out.

Up in about a half hour Fairmont vs. St. Peter

Esko 57 EGF 54 (OT) is the final

Miaselek missed a 3, then the Wave got the ball back out to Frydenlund who got off a 3 inside of 1 second. It went about 1/3 of the way down and around and popped out.

Deadrick and Warmack each scored 24, Peterson 16. Casey Staniger sat out the OT with what looked like leg cramps. Jake Lindstrom took Warmack out of the offense for a good part of the middle of the second half when Esko came from behind to take the lead. He also scored 5 points.

0: 10.9 EGF gets the ball back, down 3

Deadrick double-dribbled just before nailing a 3 that of course did not count. EGF now bringing the ball in-bounds. Last time it was do or die, they went to Warmack for the 3.

0:13.2 Esko leads 57-54

Ty Misialek made 1-of-2 FT to get the Wave within 3. Esko took timeout and will be bringing the ball in-bounds.

0:25.8 Esko leads 57-53

Warmack missed a 3 that would have put EGF ahead, the Mark Peterson made 2 FT. Deadrick previously made 1-of-2, making him 2-of-6 dFT down the stretch.

0:48 left in OT Esko leads 54-53

Deadrick scored a 2 + 1 on a dribble drive up the right side of the lane. Warmack countered with 2 FT. Then Deadrick stole a lob pass to Warmack in the lane, and Esko called timeout. Esko has the ball.


Jim Warmack hit a 3 in a set play as he screened up high then stepped out. His shot hit the front of the rim, then the backboard, then the front of the rim again before dropping through. Esko was unable to get off a shot in the final 8 seconds as the Wave knocked the ball loose in the backcourt.

It's a 4:00 OT.

0:21 EGF timeout Esko leads 51-48

Esko missed 4 straight FT before Aaron Olson finally connected for his 1st point of the night, and EGF took a timeout. Will EGF look to tie it with a 3 or go for a quick 2 and another foul?

0:40 left EGF within 50-48

Junior reserve guard Micah Friez made a FT, then took the ball the length of the court for a layup to get the Wave within 2. The latter came after an unlikely Kory Deadrick miss of both FT.

1:59 still 46-42

Esko just ran 2:00 off the clock as EGF had to commit 3 fouls to get to the bonus, and then who do you foul? Deadrick, Peterson and Staniger are handling the ball and all are terrific foul shooters. Staniger makes 2 and EGF takes timeout, it's now 48-42.

3:21 EGF timeout

Deadrick made another spectacular play, grabbing an offensive rebound and spinning in the lane to get off a right-handed floater, to make it 46-42.

4:46 Esko 44 EGF 40

Trading 3s again--Grant Frydenlund for the Wave, and Casey Staniger for Esko.

7:05 Esko timeout, leading 41-35

Jim Warmack and Mark Peterson traded 3s. Jake Lindstrom came off the bench to guard Warmack and is doing a great job, but Warmack stepped outside to hit the 3. Peterson has the last 2 Esko buckets. Like Deadrick, he has a great jump shot with good elevation and a nice high release.

9:00 Esko 38 EGF 32

Halfway through the 2nd half and Esko has outscored the Wave 13-6 to lead 38-32. The Esko defense is beginning to wear on EGf, they are not finding good looks, even when they score.

11:52 of the 2nd half Esko 33 EGS 28

Esko is on an 8-0 run. EGF scored the 1st bucket of the half for a 28-25 lead, but Warmack is not getting any looks at all while Kory Deadrick has hit a couple buckets with that beautiful sweet stroke of his.


EGF leads Esko 26-25. Jim Warmack has outscored Kory Deadrick 14-11.

8:30 EGF leads 17-14

Esko has adjusted on Warmack, and he has not scored since those first 12 points. Meanwhile Kory  Deadrick has 7 for Esko.

6 p.m. Esko 26-3 vs. East Grand Forks 20-9

EGF started out going to  6-7 Jim Warmack who averages 19 ppg. He scored the Wave's first 12 points. The Wave leads 14-8 at 11:30.

Tip-Off #1

Esko starts 3 seniors with 6-6, 6-4, 6-2 size. The Wave starts 5 seniors and has some size in 6-7 Jim Warmack. AFter that it's 6-2, 6-1, 6-0, 5-11.

So for all of you shut-ins out there, especially in the Frozen North of Esko and East Grand Forks, this game is not on TV. Maybe it's on your local radio. Maybe not. Either way we've got some color commentary for you here: Blue and Green. The Esko Eskomoes in Blue, the Green Wave in, well, what else. There's your color commentary: Blue and Green.

8 p.m. Fairmont 24-4 vs. St. Peter 14-14

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