Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Minnesota's Historic Boys Class of 2014

Wow. This has never happened before in 50 years. 3 Minnesota kids are among the top 14-rated boys, nationally, in the class of 2014, according to ESPN. Class of 2014 makes them freshmen today so, who knows, a lot can happen. But clearly there's some potential there.

Tyus Jones, the point guard from Apple Valley, is rated #3 nationally. That puts him generally in the company of maybe Mark Olberding, Randy Breuer and Khalid El-Amin, but actually I doubt if any of them was rated quite that high.

Ian Theisen, the coach's kid from Osseo, is already 6-8 and a good 200 pounds-plus. I've heard some folks say he'll grow another 2-3 inches and get up to 250 before he's done. He's rated #12, and again that's nationally.

And Reed Travis is a 6-2 swingman who plays at DeLaSalle. He's rated #14.

And then there's Stephon Sharp, also rated in the top 100 according to ESPN, but pretty much unknown here in the Gopher state. That's probably because he plays for Hopkins, the only place in the state where a top 100 freshman might not be able to get playing time.

We'll take a l0ok at these kids ASAP and offer our advice to Tubby Smith, like everybody else.

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