Tuesday, April 12, 2011

MN Girls Basketball Coaches Association All-Star Games Friday and Saturday

I don't know about you, but I have had a heck of a time finding any info about the annual MGBCA all-star games. Well, they're this Friday and Saturday, April 15 and 16. On Friday night the 1st game is at 6 p.m., and on Saturday it is at 1:30 p.m. All 4 games are at the new Schoenecker Arena at St. Thomas University.

But who (which teams) are playing whom? I have no idea.

And who (what girls) are on the rosters? Well, that's not on the MGBCA Web site either, but fortunately I found the announcement of the rosters elsewhere.

And who are the coaches, even? Again, no clue. Cannot find that anywhere on the Internet.

And the bottom line? Well, it's been said a thousand times that the 2011s are a weak class. And looking at these 4 rosters, going 40 girls deep, certainly reinforces that impression.

Class AAAA

C-F- Jamie Bresnahan, Megan Stuart, Katy Winge
G- Rachel Banham, Kahla Becken, Jenna Dockter, Tori Rule, Morgan Van Riper-Rose, Brianna Williams, Michelle Young

I'm sure there's a reason why Jenna Dockter is playing and Alex Beckman is not. Apiew Ojulu also is not playing. Aubrey Davis. No other surprises, I guess.

I guess there's a reason why the big schools are going with 7 guards and 3 front-court players, though I don't know what it is. Well, other than Ojulu's not here. But a Lisa Loeffler or Anna Smith could also balance out the roster a little bit. Still, look for AAAA to have 3 guards on the floor at all times. And don't worry about them matching up with the other big people. Worry about the other guys matching up with those guards. I don't see anybody pushing AAAA at all.

Class AAA

C- Beth Doolittle, Martha Alwal, Sam Trumm
F- Mariah Clarin, Laura Margarit, Lindsay Kaminski
G- Kaeli Kraska, Morgan Haider, Jena Chuba, Jennifer Ulveling

AAA has more size than AAAA, but if the 2 teams play one another the AAA guards are not going to be able to run an offense and get the ball to their big girls. And against AA and A their size advantage is not that big. Katelyn Adams vs. Beth Doolittle would be fun, if they should happen to meet, and also Ashlynn Muhl vs. Doolittle.

Sam Trumm is here, Lauren is not. Lauren would sure help this roster. Oh, yeah, she's a junior.

Class AA

C- Katelyn Adams
F- Sarina Baker, Kaylani Edwards, Keely Deadrick, Allie Sannes
G- Amber Sorenson, Alyssa Kerkhoff, Kayla Hulsebus, Emily Lueck, Chelsey Frydenlund

Now here's a well-balanced team. Katey Adams to defend the paint, some decent scorers, some ball handlers. This group could give AAA some real trouble. AAAA, not so much. Their guards should have the advantage against A.

Ashley Olson is probably the best girl not playing, but AA is pretty strong at her position anyway.

Class A

C- Ashlynn Muhl, Nicole Kerkhoff, Ellen Ferry
F- Karli Meyer, Cara Lutes, Jessica Newman, Karli Ilgen
G- Charlotte Overbye, Liz Hoglo, Connor Nagle

Another better-balanced (than AAAA and AAA) team, though I'm not sure the ball-handling is there. And with the exception of Jessica Newman, who's gonna hit an outside shot? I don't see this group pulling any upsets like Class A last year.

Rebekah Schmidt would look good on this team, but it's rumored she plays a little bit of softball.

And, like I say, I don't know who's coaching. Last year there is no question whatsoever that some coaches had a feel for managing playing time and creating combinations. Others didn't. It's that simple.

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