Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Miami Heat vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

How weird is this? Oklahoma City in the NBA finals! Oklahoma City! Heretofore infamous as Timothy McVeigh's playground and before that the home of 50,000 watt clear channel late night rock 'n' radio from KOMA.

But now, playground of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook and friends, and not only that, but Oklahoma City is soon to be home of the newest NBA champions. I don't know what the odds-makers are saying, though I know that Mark Rosen said he hoped OKC would win the NBA finals but that he didn't think it would happen that way.

Well, it says here that OKC has a little more firepower than Miami. How about Durant vs. LeBron James at one forward spot? How about Dwayne Wade vs. Westbrook at the small forward? Maybe there's a slight advantage Miami in the superstar category, or maybe not.

But when it comes to the #3 star of each team, Miami's Chris Bosh is back from an injury problem that almost cost them the Eastern finals against the surprisingly tough Boston Celtics. But he'll be no match for OKC's 6th man James Harden, who is in fact the league's top 6th man this year. He scores about 18 ppg and could be the difference.

Of course, Miami is leading in game 1 47-37 as we speak. LeBron James and Kevin Durant each has a monster dunk. But the Heat has 5 extra possessions based on just 2 turnovers to OKC's 7. That will equalize and quickly. Look for this one to go 7 competitive ball games before OKC pulls out game 7 by a small margin, maybe on a walk-off 2 by James Harden.

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