Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lynx 83 Fever 71

It's 9:30 and the box score on the WNBA Web site still says the same thing it said an hour ago. Lynx 66 Indiana 57 with 7 minutes left to play. Yahoo Sports still has the same thing. Fortunately the StarTrib has the final score...but the same ancient box score. Jeez.

I can tell you that Indiana put a 17-2 run on the Lynx early on and the Lynx trailed 23-11. They only caught up at 36-35 in the 3rd quarter. They finally took the lead for good by scoring the last 6 points of the 3rd at 60-55. Eventually the Lynx matched the Fever's run with a 17-2 run of their own, going from 54-55 to 71-57.

But that is all we know.

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