Monday, December 3, 2012

Heisman conspiracy theory: Hype 7 Reality 0

I see that the Heisman Trophy people, whoever they are, have invited 3 players to the Heisman ceremony. Let's see. There's a linebacker and 2 quarterbacks. 10 of the last 11 Heisman winners are QBs. So this year's winner will be...drum roll, please...

Either Johnny Football (sometimes known as Johnny Manziell of Texas A&M) or Collin Klein of Kansas State.

Johnny Football? Or Collin? Seriously? Ya think Heisman voters might just prefer Johnny Football to Collin the quarterback? Especially considering that Johnny Football threw for more than 3400 yards this year, Collin 2400? And Johnny Football threw 24 TD passes, Collin 22?

Seriously. This Heisman winner is no well-kept secret. I give you: JOHNNY FOOTBALL.

But here's the problem. So Johnny Football threw for 3400 yards? 15 D1 QBs threw for more. Nick Florence of Baylor and Geno Smith of West Virginia threw for over 4000 against fundamentally the same opposition (Big 12) as Johnny Football.

And Johnny threw for 24 TDs? Well, that's how many QBs threw for more. 24 QBs threw more than 24 TD passes. Smith threw 40, Seth Doege of Texas Tech threw 38, also against a Big 12 schedule. Johnny only three 8 interceptions? Smith threw 6, A. J. McCarron threw 3. Oh, but, wait, that wasn't against that tough Big 12 schedule, no, that was against the weaklings of the SEC.

So, c'mon, seriously. Johnny Football is the best QB in college football?

Johnny Football QB rating 156 Yards 3419 TDs 24 Int 8
Collin Klein QB rating 156 Yards 2490 TDs 22 Int 7

Geno Smith QB rating 165 Yards 4004 TDs 40 Int 6
Nick Florence QB rating 155 Yards 4121 TD 31 Int 13
Aaron Murray, Ga Rating 172 Yards 3466 TD 31 Int 8
Seth Doege QB Rating 157 Yards 3934 TD 38 Int 14

What this says is 1) somebody up there wants Johnny Football to win the Heisman Trophy, the hell with the fact that there are a good 6-8 QBs who are more deserving, especially Geno Smith, so 2) they arranged to have an obviously inferior QB, Collin Klein, hyped as 1 of the top 2, so as to make Johnny Football look good, despite the fact that there are a good dozen QBs who are more deserving than Collin.

And then 3) just to be sure Johnny Football wins, they pick a linebacker as the 3rd contender. A linebacker has never won the Heisman.

Of course, said linebacker is Notre Dame's Mante Te'o. And while no LB has ever won the Heisman, the fact is that 7 of the Fighting Irish have, tying Ohio State for the most Heismans. So conspiracy theory #2 is that the powers that be picked 2 obviously inferior players in order to make Te'o look good.

Stay tuned. I guarantee that whoever wins the Heisman, I'll have a conspiracy theory for you.

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