Monday, October 21, 2013

Announcing: Northstar Girls Hoops now open for business

I set out to cover Minnesota hoops. All of it. Everything. From the high schools to the pros. And I've done that.

But from Day 1 it was obvious to me that what got the greatest readership was Minnesota girls basketball in the high schools and the clubs. You girls hoops fans just cannot get enough. Of course, there's the fact that the traditional media do a so-so job of covering girls hoops, at best, and the traditional media quite specifically does a totally crappy job of covering AAU ball.

So little by little at first--then by leaps and bounds with the addition of girls player rankings--Minnesota Hoops came to emphasize girls hoops quite a bit more than anything else. And don't get me wrong, I love girls hoops. But mainly, if it's what my readers wanted, I was happy to write about what got the strongest response.

Well, I'm not the only one who noticed this phenomenon. I mean, 1st and foremost you've got the dean, the deacon, the king, the jack, the ace, the foremost authority of Minnesota girls basketball, Kevin Anderson. (His Web site in case anybody doesn't know is I've had the privilege that past 2-3 years of working with Kevin. Right up to and including this summer's Tartan Meltdown, I send/sent my game reports to Kevin to publish on his Web site. Of course, you needed a subscription to read them.

Announcing North Star Girls Hoops Report

Some of you may be familiar with North Star Hoops Report. For the past year or so, they've been covering Minnesota boys basketball. But the fact is the North Star guys have a football site, too, and on Monday, October 21, they will launch a girls basketball site called North Star Girls Hoops Report. It will be located at:

And the North Star guys have approached me and offered to pay me actual cash money to go to work writing for North Star Girls Hoops. Now I can assure you I'm not going to get rich doing it. Minnesota Hoops was a labor of love, totally. North Star Girls Hoops will still be 2 parts labor of love for every 1 part of anything else.

But I'm going to be writing about girls hoops--in the schools and in the clubs--for North Star Girls Hoops. And girls hoops is going to mostly disappear from Minnesota Hoops. And, yeah, you'll need a subscription to read my posts...and my player rankings.

Minnesota Hoops will continue. I'll be writing about everything except the girls. I hope you'll continue to visit, though I know that for many of you it's the girls that bring you here.

Thanks for visiting, thanks to everyone who sent in a comment. I think you know that your comments have influenced my player ratings and have influenced them for the better.

Again, I hope many of you will keep on coming. But for you girls hoops fanatics, I sure hope to see you over at North Star Girls Hoops.

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