Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Minnesota Players of the Year

Players of the Year 1901-2015

3 awards each--George Tuck, Frank Lawler, Marty Rolek, Jim McIntyre, George Mikan, Kevin Garnett, Lindsay Whalen
2 awards each--William Deering, Harold Gillen, Dick Arney, Tony Jaros, Hal Haskins, Ron Johnson, Lou Hudson, Mark Olberding, Kevin McHale, Randy Breuer, Carlie Wagner

1901--George Tuck, Mpls. Central
1902--William Deering, Minnesota
1904--Tuck, Minnesota
1906--Garfield Brown, Minnesota

1911--Frank Lawler, Minnesota
1912--Lawler, various senior teams
1913--Lawler, The Ineligibles
1914--Harold Gillen, Stillwater
1915--Al Rehder, Red Wing Company L
1916--Bill Conlin, Red Wing Company L
1917--Gillen, Minnesota
1918--Street, Carleton
1919--Erling Platou, Minnesota

1920--Martin Norton, Mpls. Central
1921--Arnold Oss, Minnesota
1922--Ozzie Cowles, Carleton
1923--Carl Nordly, Carleton
1924--Mally Nydahl, Mpls. South
1925--Black Rasey, Minnesota
1926--Bennie Lichtenegger, Gaylord
1927--Otto Rortvedt, Henning
1928--Cliff Halmrast, Moorhead
1929--Earl Moran, Moorhead

1930--Chuck Wagner, The Ascensions
1931--Ray Buffalo, DeLaSalle
1932--Dick Arney, Carleton
1934--Marty Rolek, Mpls. Edison and the Dominiums
1935--Wally Zimmerman, Hamline
1936--Johnny Dick, Buhl
1937--Marty Rolek, Minnesota
1939--Clint Wager, St. Mary's

1940--Tony Jaros, Mpls. Edison
1941--Arnie Johnson, Bemidji State
1942--Johnny Norlander, Hamline
1943--Hal Haskins, Alexandria
1944--Jim McIntyre, Mpls. Patrick Henry
1946--Jaros, Minnesota
1947--McIntyre, Minnesota
1948--George Mikan, Minneapolis Lakers
1949--Vern Mikkelson, Hamline

1950--Haskins, Hamline
1951--Bill Simonovich, Gilbert
1953--Dave Tschimperle, Hopkins
1955--Dick Garmaker, Minnesota
1956--Ron Johnson, New Prague
1957--Jon Hagen, Belview
1958--Norm Grow, Foley
1959--Elgin Baylor, Minneapolis Lakers

1960--R. Johnson, Minnesota
1961--Terry Kunze, Duluth Central
1962--Eric Magdanz, Minnesota
1963--Dan Anderson, Augsburg
1964--Lou Hudson, Minnesota
1966--Archie Clark, Minnesota
1967--Jim Hill, St. Paul Central
1968--Bob Zender, Edina
1969--Tony Jenkins, Shattuck

1970--Tom Mulso, Sherburn
1971--Como Pontliana, Duluth Central
1972--Jim Brewer, Minnesota
1973--Mark Olberding, Melrose
1975--Frank Wachlarowicz, Little Falls
1976--Steve Lingenfelter, Bloomington Jefferson
1977--Mychal Thompson, Minnesota
1978--Janet Karvonen, New York Mills
1979--Randy Breuer, Lake City

1980--Kevin McHale, Minnesota
1981--Kelly Skalicky, Albany
1982--Darryl Mitchell and Trent Tucker, Minnesota
1983--Breuer, Minnesota
1984--Joe Regnier, White Bear Lake
1985--Laura Coenen, Minnesota
1986--McHale, Boston Celtics
1987--Kevin Lynch, Bloomington Jefferson
1988--Jessica Beachy, Concordia (Moorhead)
1989--Willie Burton, Minnesota

1990--Richard Coffey, Minnesota
1991--Joel McDonald, Chisholm
1992--Laurie Trow, St. Thomas
1993--Voshon Leonard, Minnesota
1994--Carol Ann Shudlick, Minnesota
1995--Coco and Kelly Miller, Rochester Mayo
1996--Khalid El-Amin, Mpls. North
1997--Bobby Jackson, Minnesota
1998--Kevin Garnett, Minnesota Timberwolves

2000--Jake Sullivan, Tartan
2001--Rick Rickert, Duluth East
2002--Lindsay Whalen, Minnesota
2005--Janelle McCarville, Minnesota
2006--Isaiah Dahlman, Braham
2007--Angel Robinson, St. Paul Central
2008--John Smith, Winona State
2009--Tayler Hill, Mpls. South

2010--Rachel Banham and Cassie Rochel, Lakeville North
2011--Kevin Love, Minnesota Timberwolves
2012--Whalen, Minnesota Lynx
2013--Tyus Jones, Apple Valley
2014--Carlie Wagner, New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva
2015--Maya Moore, Minnesota Lynx, and Amanda Zahui, Minnesota Gophers (tie)
2016--Banham, Minnesota Gophers
2017--Sylvia Fowles, Minnesota Lynx
2018--Jimmy Butler, Minnesota Timberwolves

Winners of the Minnesota Hoops Readers Poll

2011--Kevin Love, Minnesota Timberwolves
2012--Taylor Young, St. Thomas
2013--Anders Broman, Lakeview Christian
2014--Carlie Wagner, New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva



    Hello! Don

  2. 1927 Minnesota Player of the Year was not Hans Rortvedt of Henning, it was my father Otto Rortvedt from Henning (HS state champions that year).

    Richard Rortvedt Arlington, VA

  3. Richard, thanks for your comment. I was confused as to whether there were 2 brothers. Newspaper articles at the time called him Hans, which may have been a bit of racial stereotyping, whereas I understand that Otto went on to coach the White Bear Lake boys for many years. So I thought there were 2 brothers.