Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Team of the Year

Minnesota Hoops Team of the Year

Multiple Awards--Minnesota Gophers 22 The Ascensions 5 Carleton 3 Rock Spring Sparklers 3 Mpls. Patrick Henry 3 Hamline 3 Minnesota Aggies 2 Mpls. Central 2 Moorhead 2 Minneapolis Lakers 2 Hopkins 2 Mpls. Roosevelt 2 Austin 2 DeLaSalle 2 Edina 2 Duluth Central 2 St. Thomas women 2 Bloomington Jefferson girls 2 Winona State 2 Minnesota Lynx 2

1895--Minnesota Aggies (U of M Ag School), Twin City League champs
1896--Minneapolis YMCA, TC champions
1897--Minnesota Aggies, TC champions
1898--Red Wing Company G

1900--Minnesota Gophers 10-3
1901--Minnesota Gophers 11-1
1902--Minnesota Gophers 15-0, Helms national champion
1903--Minnesota Gophers 13-0, Premo national champion
1904--Minnesota Gophers 10-2
1905--Minnesota Lady Gophers 45-6 over 8 years
1906--Red Wing Red Men 33-6
1907--Minnesota Gophers 10-2, Big Ten co-champions
1908--Minnesota Gophers 12-7
1909--The Ascensions

1910--The Ascensions
1911--Madison high school, mythical state champions
1912--The Ascensions
1913--Fosston 14-1, state champions
1914--Stillwater 14-2, state champions
1915--Chaska senior men
1916--Red Wing Company L 20-0
1917--Minnesota Gophers 17-2, Big Ten co-champions
1918--Minnesota Gophers 13-3
1919--Minnesota Gophers 13-0, Helms national champions

1920--Mpls. Central
1921--Mpls. Central 13-1, state champions
1922--Red Wing 15-2, state champions
1923--Carleton, MIAC champions
1924--Carleton 14-0, Midwest Conference champions
1925--St. Paul Mechanic Arts 17-1, state champions
1926--Gaylord 20-3, state champions
1927--Henning school, state Class B champions
1928--Moorhead 19-3, state champions
1929--Moorhead 24-3, state champions

1930--The Ascensions, state AAU champions
1931--DeLaSalle, national Catholic champions
1932--Carleton, Midwest Conference champions
1933--The Ascensions, state AAU champions
1934--The Dominions, state AAU champions
1935--Rock Spring Sparklers, state AAU champions
1936--Rock Spring Sparklers, state AAU champions
1937--Minnesota Gophers 14-6, Big Ten co-champions
1938--Minnesota Gophers 16-4
1939--Minnesota Gophers 14-6

1940--St. Mary's College, MIAC champions
1941--Bemidji State, NTC champions
1942--Hamline, NAIA national champion
1943--Rock Spring Sparklers
1944--Mpls. Patrick Henry 24-1, state champions
1945--Mpls. Patrick Henry 24-1, state champions
1946--Austin 22-3, state champions
1947--Mankato State 18-4, NTC champions
1948--Minneapolis Lakers 51-19, NBL and World Professional champions
1949--Hamline 31-3, NAIA national champion

1950--Minneapolis Lakers 62-19, NBA champions
1951--Hamline, NAIA national champion
1952--Hopkins 25-1, state champions
1953--Hopkins 23-0, state champions
1954--Gustavus Adolphus, MIAC champions
1955--Minnesota Gophers 15-7
1956--Mpls. Roosevelt 20-3, state champions
1957--Mpls. Roosevelt 27-0, state champions
1958--Austin 20-3, state champions
1959--DeLaSalle, state Catholic champions

1960--Edgerton 27-0, state champions
1961--Duluth Central 27-0, state champions
1962--St. Cloud State 23-4, NIC champions
1963--Marshall 25-1, state champions
1964--Luverne 20-5, state champions
1965--Minnesota Gophers 19-5
1966--St. Thomas 24-4, MIAC champions
1967--Edina 27-0, state champions
1968--Edina 26-1, state champions
1969--Shattuck, state independent champions

1970--Sherburn 26-0, state champions
1971--Duluth Central 23-1, state champions
1972--Minnesota Gophers 18-7, Bit Ten champions
1973--Minnesota Gophers 21-5
1974--Melrose 27-0, state champions
1975--Little Falls 26-1, state champions
1976--Mpls. Marshall-University 28-0, state A champions
1977--Minnesota Gophers 24-3
1978--Bloomington Jefferson girls 24-0, state AA champions
1979--New York Mills girls 25-1, state A champions

1980--Albany girls 26-0, state A champions
1981--Minnesota Gopher women 28-7, Big Ten tournament champions
1982--Minnesota Gopher men 23-6, Big Ten champions
1983--Woodbury boys 24-0, state AA champions
1984--White Bear Lake boys 26-0, state AA champions
1985--White Bear Lake boys 26-0, state AA champions
1986--Mankato State women 25-4, NCC champions
1987--Bloomington Jefferson boys 26-0, state AA champions
1988--Concordia (Moorhead) women 31-1, NCAA D3 champions
1989--Minnesota Gopher men 19-12

1990--Minnesota Gopher men 23-9
1991--St. Thomas women 29-2, NCAA D3 champions
1992--St. Thomas women 27-1, MIAC champions
1993--St. Benedict's women 28-2, MIAC champions
1994--Bloomington Jefferson girls 26-2, state AA champions
1995--North Tartan 15 & Under girls, national AAU champions
1996--Mpls. North boys 29-1, state champions
1997--Minnesota Gopher men 31-4, Big Ten champions
1998--Mpls. North girls 29-0, state AAA champions
1999--St. Benedict's women 28-2, MIAC champions

2000--Mpls. Patrick Henry boys 28-1, state AAA champions
2001--Osseo boys 30-1, state AAAA champions
2002--Minnesota Gopher women 22-8
2003--Minnesota Gopher women 25-6
2004--Minnesota Gopher women 25-9
2005--Braham boys 33-0, state AA champions
2006--Winona State men 32-4, NCAA D2 champions
2007--St. Paul Central girls 32-0, state AAAA champions
2008--Winona State men 38-1, NCAA D2 champions
2009--Mankato State women 32-2, NCAA D2 champions

2010--Lakeville North girls 32-0, state AAAA champions, and St. Paul Johnson boys 32-0, state AAA champions
2011--St. Thomas men 30-3, NCAA D3 champions
2012--Minnesota Lynx 34-8, WNBA champions
2013--Hopkins girls 31-1, 3rd straight Class AAAA champions
2014--Minnesota Lynx 33-8
2015--Minnesota Lynx, WNBA champions for the 3rd time in 5 years
2016--St. Thomas men 30-3, NCAA D3 champions 2nd time in 6 years
2017--Minnesota Lynx 33-9, WNBA champions for the 4th time

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