Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blogging Live from Target Center AAAA Semi-Finals

Eden Prairie Eagles vs. St. Cloud Tech Tigers

OK I admit it, I ran outta gas. 3 double OT games! That has to be some kind of record. EP led Tech as much as 34-23 at 16:41, but Tech caught up at 46 at 4:06 and took the lead at 47-46. It was 48-48 at 2:05 but both teams came up dry on their final 3 possessions. Tech never led in OT but never trailed by more than 2, and tied it up at 52 at 0:35. EP held it for the final shot, but never got that shot off. In the second OT, Tech scored on each of its 1st 5 possessions, missing only after it was up 62-58. That was the final.

3:03 EP 26-16. They're picking Tech apart, getting lay-ups on one end and forcing Tech to shoot bombs on the other. The pace is slow, the energy low, this could just as well be curling compared to the last game.

5:23 EP 19 St. Cloud Tech 11, media timeout. EP is continuing to pound it inside and so is shooting 43 percent. Tech is struggling to find ways to score and is shooting 33 percent. The boards are also 11-5 EP. Various fans are singing Old McDonald Had a Farm. I don't know why.

14:29 Tech 4 EP 3. Both teams trying to get to the rim. But Tech is looking for the dribble drive, EP looking for the entry pass to Brett Ervin down low. Ervin, however, is 0-for-3 so far.

15:30 Well, this is a different pace, we've had 5 possessions each. With Hopkins and Sibley 5 possessions was about a minute. It's EP 3-2.

It's 9:20, this game should be in the 2nd half with 5 minutes to go. Ouch.

Hopkins Royals 90 Henry Sibley Warriors 82 (2OT)

It turns out that Hopkins set 2 all-time tournament records--for most FT attempts, 58, and for most FT made, 39.

The Hopkins players made obscene gestures to the Sibley fans as they left the court.

Hopkins advances 90-82, closing it out with 6-0 run in the final 1:37 as Sibley was forced to play with 4 reserves, including 3 who hadn't played until OT. Hopkins shot 17-for-30 after the end of the 1st half, Sibley shot 17-for-41. Jordan Jackson of Sibley and Joe Coleman of Hopkins scored 25 points each for their respective teams.

Sibley timeout, trailing 84-80 at 1:40. 4 starters on the bench, compared to 1 for Hopkins.

The next game was scheduled to start 40 minutes ago.

Siyana Chambers fouls out for Hopkins but then Jordan Jackson does the same as a result of a collision with a moving pick. Ouch.

9th grader Zach Haas and 10th grader Adam Huessner are in for Sibley, neither had played before OT.

Jackson, Ryan and Wills have 4 fouls for Sibley, everybody has 4 for Hopkins. Jump ball to Sibley.

SECOND OVERTIME. Hopkins doubled Jackson in the backcourt, forced it out of his hands and forced the turnover. Hopkins missed a half-court shot at the buzzer.

0:07 1st one is good, 2nd missed, tie ball game, Sibley ball. Coleman is 7-of-12 from the line. Sibley timeout with 0:05.4.

0:07 Rostampour fouls out, Coleman shooting 2.

0:25 Ryan hits another 3, Sibley leads 76-75.

1:04 Grant fouls out, Chambers hits 2 throws, 75-72.

1:35 Hopkins timeout, leading 73-72 after a Ryan 3. Hopkins has shot 15-for-28 since the end of the 1st half.

4 of Sibley's 5 guys out here have 4 fouls. Ditto Hopkins.

Hopkins draws first blood, 2 Chambers throws 4 seconds in.


0:00 Dante Grant hit the shot at the buzzer, it was called a 3 but they're reviewing it. Game on the line.

0:10 Sibley timeout, trailing 69-66. They've made just one 3 pointer all night.

0:35 Hopkins 67-66. Hopkins has missed 3-of-4 FT since Ryan's 3, but Sibley turned it over to allow Coleman's FT. Coleman also got a defensive rebound and took it all the way. Jordan Jackson just got the driving lay-up to get back within 1. Jackson and Rostampour have 4 fouls, Kreuser is out with 5.

1:39 Jimmy Ryan hits his 1st field goal of the night, a 3, and it ties it up at 64. Hopkins takes timeout.

2:43 Timeout, Hopkins 63-59. Coleman leads all scorers with 18, teammate Singleton has 17, and Jackson and Grant have 17 each for Sibley. Sibley is now 9-for-25 in the 2nd half.

4:39 Timeout, Hopkins leading 59-54. Hopkins on a 23-14 run the past 10:00 as the Sibley turnovers are mounting up, now 17 for Sibley, 8 for Hopkins. And Sibley, who shot 50 percent in the 1st half, is 8-for-23 in the 2nd.

5:00 Hopkins scoring almost at will down low, while Sibley is taking (and sometimes making) some tough shots. Sibley hasn't gotten many stops now the past few minutes.

6:30 Hopkins 53-48, Coleman scores on another steal and 2, but Sibley comes back to score on the next possession.

9:00 Halfway in the 2nd. Sibley is 3-for-17 this half.

10:56 Hopkins 42-40, media timeout. Momentum turning to Hopkins, which is on a 6-0 run.

12:04 Hopkins takes the lead 41-40 on a steal and 2 by Joe Coleman. 1st lead since 20-19.

12:21 Timeout Sibley. Sibley is hanging tough but the foul situation is not encouraging. Rostampour 4, Jackson 3, Ryan 3.

13:24 Mike Rostampour out with 4 fouls. Sibley leading 40-38.

15:08 Sibley 38-36. It's end to end to start the 2nd half.

Sibley played a damn nice half of ball, shooting 50 percent and out-rebounding Hopkins 20-11. And they've defended Hopkins inside the 3 point line so that the Royals are shooting just 36 percent. They (Sibley) have allowed Hopkins to get some open looks from outside but even Kenny Novak, Jr., says the Royals are not a good 3 point shooting team, and so indeed they've made 1-of-7. The Sibley guards, Grant and Jackson, have 21 of Sibley's 34 points. Going into the 2nd half the questions are whether and who foul trouble will get to first, except it's already gotten to Jordan Jackson with 3. I would think the Warriors are not gonna want to go 6 minutes without him handling the ball again as they did in the 1st half.

Half time: Sibley 35-29. Sibley rebounded a Hopkins miss at 0:33 and the bench indicated 1 shot. Grant threw one up at 0:20. Hopkins brought it back down and Marvin Singleton hit 2 throws at 0:06.

1:29 Sibley 34-25. I missed that Sibley's primary ballhandler, Jordan Jackson, sat with his third foul at 6:41. Grant, Ryan and Wills are looking a little ragged but getting it done.

It's real physical out there, the kids are pretty intense, the officials have called a lot of fouls, but the mood is on the edge a little bit.

3:11 Sibley 30 Hopkins 22. Dante Grant drove in for a 2 and a foul, which resulted in a technical on the Hopkins bench. Grant missed the 1 but Jimmy Ryan hit 2 on the tech. On the ensuing possession, Mike Rostampour hit a 2 + 1 and suddenly it's 30-22.

6:41 Sibley 16 Hopkins 15. Hopkins shooting just 3-of-13 but 9-of-11 FT. Sibley shooting 47 percent but 8 turnovers. Very fast pace and very physical but not a lot of finishing going on right now.

10:17 Hopkins 9 Sibley 8. The Royals already in the bonus.

In fairness, the Hopkins student section is now 5 rows deep.

11:55 Hopkins 8-4. Both teams are 2-for-6 from the floor but the Royals have gotten to the FT line twice and have hit 4-for-4. Meanwhile Sibley has 5 turnovers, Hopkins 1.

14:28 Hopkins 4 Sibley 4. The Royals are pushing the pace, scoring one bucket 7 seconds after a made Sibley bucket and making it tough for the Warriors to run their offense. Sibley just took a timeout as a result of getting into a trap, and now they've turned it over on a held ball.

Underway 17 minutes after the scheduled start. Jake Kreuser looks huge and wins the tap.

They're introducing the benches now, we'll be underway momentarily.

The game will be starting a little late due to the OT thriller in Class AAA this afternoon. Unseeded Grand Rapids knocked off its 2nd seeded opponent, this time DeLaSalle 57-53. Sibley has the student section filled up to the back row. I can't tell where the Hopkins student section is. Oh wait, there they are, two rows deep. My goodness.

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