Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just for the Hell of It

All-Time Minnesota All-Stars

C- George Mikan, Minneapolis Lakers. Regarded as the best player in the history of the game in his prime. And, he made the Lakers the greatest team ever to play the game, with 7 world championships.

F/C- Kevin McHale, Hibbing HS, Minnesota Gophers. Obviously, he gets credit for his Hall of Fame NBA career with the Boston Celtics as well.

F- Kevin Garnett, Minnesota Timberwolves. NBA MVP in 2oo4, arguably one of the 10 best players in the world in his prime.

G- Marty Rolek, Mpls. Edison HS, Minnesota Gophers. Best guard the Gopher men have ever had, led them to the 1937 Big 10 title and earned legitimate, consensus all-America honors.

G- Lindsay Whalen, Hutchinson HS, Minnesota Gophers. Best guard the Gophers (men or women) have ever had, led a generally pretty downtrodden program to the Final Four.

Second Team

C- Randy Breuer, Lake City HS, Minnesota Gophers, Minnesota Timberwolves. People always want more from a fellow this size. But, c'mon, people. He is one of 3 kids ever to win a Minnesota state high school championship (2, actually) and a Big 10 title as a Gopher. And, he once scored 40 points in an NBA game.

F/C- Vern Mikkelson, Askov HS, Hamline University, Minneapolis Lakers. All-American, all-pro, Hall of Fame. What more do you want?

F- Janet Karvonen, New York Mills HS. Showed that girls can play this game the way it is meant to be played.

F/G- Whitey Skoog, Brainerd HS, Minnesota Gophers, Minneapolis Lakers. It's been said that he invented the jump shot. Well, that's bunk, but it shows you how well he shot the thing. A starting guard for an NBA champion, scoring 13-14 points per game at his peak.

G- Khalid El-Amin, Mpls. North HS. Regarded by some as the greatest boys high school player Minnesota has ever produced, and then led the Connecticut Huskies to a national championship.

Third Team

C- Jim McIntyre, Mpls. Patrick Henry HS, Minnesota Gophers. People always want more from a fellow this size. Rewrote the HS and Gopher record books, 2-time all-American. Now vastly underrated in the historical memory.

F/C- Mark Olberding, Melrose HS, Minnesota Gophers. Another of those kids who is legitimately regarded as one of the greatest HS players Minnesota has ever produced. Overpowering in HS, and a solid Big 10 caliber player as a freshman.

F- Hal Haskins, Alexandria HS, Hamline University. Set a state tournament scoring record as a senior in 1943, then after serving in the military earned all-America honors and led Hamline to the 1949 NAIA national championship.

G- Coco and Kelly Miller, Rochester Mayo HS. Led Mayo to the state tournament as 8th graders in 1993, then won state titles in 1995 and 1997. In 2000, at the University of Georgia, they won the Hickok award as the best amateur athletes in America. Kelly also played for the Minnesota Lynx 1 year.

Honorable Mention


4. Ron Johnson, New Prague HS, Minnesota Gophers
5. George Tuck, Mpls. Central HS, Minnesota Gophers
6. Mychal Thompson, Minnesota Gophers
7. Howie Schultz, St. Paul Central HS, Hamline University
8. Janel McCarville, Minnesota Gophers
9. Linda Roberts, St. Paul Central HS, Minnesota Gophers
10 (tie). Frank Wachlorowicz, Little Falls HS, St. John's University
Laurie Trow, Rochester John Marshall HS, St. Thomas University


4. Carol Ann Shudlick, Apple Valley HS, Minnesota Gophers
5. Jim Fritsche, St. Paul Humboldt HS, Hamline University
6. Jim Brewer, Minnesota Gophers
7. Bob Zender, Edina HS
8. Rick Rickert, Duluth East HS, Minnesota Gophers
9. Kris Humphries, Hopkins HS, Minnesota Gophers
10 (tie). Johnny Norlander, Virginia HS, Hamline University
Clint Wager, Winona HS, St. Mary's University


4. Harold Gillen, Stillwater HS, Minnesota Gophers
5. Lou Hudson, Minnesota Gophers
6. Frank Lawler, Minnesota Gophers
7. Swede Carlson, Mpls. Edison HS, Minnesota Gophers, Minneapolis Lakers
8. Arnold Oss, Minnesota Gophers
9. Willie Burton, Minnesota Gophers
10 (tie). Isaiah Dahlman, Braham HS
Martin Norton, Mpls. Central HS


2. Kevin Lynch, Bloomington Jefferson HS, Minnesota Gophers
3. Dick Garmaker, Hibbing HS, Hibbing JC, Minnesota Gophers, Minneapolis Lakers
4. Tony Jaros, Mpls. Edison HS, Minnesota Gophers, Minneapolis Lakers
5. Trent Tucker, Minnesota Gophers
6. Sam Jacobson, Park HS, Minnesota Gophers
7. Johnny Dick, Buhl HS, Minnesota Gophers
8. Willie Warhol, Mpls. Edison HS, Minnesota Gophers
9. Joel McDonald, Chisholm HS, St. Cloud State University
10 (tie). Laura Coenen, Minnesota Gophers
Ray Williams, Minnesota Gophers


6. Erling Platou, Minnesota Gophers
7. Archie Clark, Minnesota Gophers
8. Terry Kunze, Duluth Central HS, Minnesota Gophers
9. Tayler Hill, Mpls. South HS
10. Bobby Jackson, Minnesota Gophers
11. Voshon Leonard, Minnesota Gophers
12. Slater Martin, Minneapolis Lakers
13. Darryl Mitchell, Minnesota Gophers
14. Dick Seebach, Red Wing HS, Minnesota Gophers
15 (tie). Fred Enke, Rochester HS, Minnesota Gophers
Kelly Roysland, Fosston HS, Minnesota Gophers

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