Thursday, April 15, 2010

Up Next: HS All-Star Games

The high school season hasn't quite ended. Still up are the boys and girls all-star games, sponsored by their respective coach's associations.

The boys will play April 9 and 10, at St. Cloud and St. Paul, respectively. There are four games among four teams--Blue, Gold, Green and Maroon--and each team is a mix of players from the various classes. Blue, coached by Jeff Evens, features Chad Calcaterra, Joey Cuperus and Martin Wind, among others. Gold, coached by Greg Miller of Armstrong, will have Trevor Gruis, Mark Hoge, Mike Rostampour and others. Green, coached by Randy Carlson of Belle Plaine, feature Alex Hanks and Kevin Noreen. And Maroon, coached by Rich Newman of Barnum and generally regarded as the favorite, have Alec Brown, Dyami Starks and Jacob Thomas, among others.

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The girls will play the following weekend, April 16 and 17, with all games at the new Leonard Center at Macalester College. Unlike the boys, the girls feature one team from each class, Class A, Class AA, and so on. A couple of years ago, Class AA dominated the event. This year Class AAAA, with Cassie Rochel, Megan Waytashek, Taylor Young, Brooke Brown, Haley Thomforde and others, should win easily. But the event also gives you one last chance to see girls like Sari Noga, Katrina Newman, Rachel Hansen, Laura Melquist, Angela Christianson and Carissa Woyniec play under the auspices of their high schools.

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Then it's quickly on to AAU and MYAS play.

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