Thursday, April 26, 2012

T-Wolves in the Draft After All

The T-Wolves have no 1st round draft pick of their own, but now with the Utah Jazz sneaking into the playoffs the final weekend, the Wolves get the Jazz' pick at #15. So what I wrote a month ago in my mock draft becomes pretty interesting. I speculated that maybe a #15 choice could be had in a trade. Here's what I said.

"Still I suppose they could move up with a trade. What do they need? Oh, yes, somebody that won't get hurt. Good luck with that. But seriously, if they could package Beasley and Wesley, well, that surely doesn't get you a lottery pick, but say a #15, even, is there any way you make that trade? Well, sure, because you can't use Beasley and Wesley. But if you just end up with another guy you can't use.... But, is there a gem of a guy hidden at #15 or thereabouts? Well, you know, maybe Terrence Ross. Maybe is the guy that Johnson and Ellington and Webster isn't, a guy who brings a little instant offense off the bench and picks up the tempo a little bit. But seriously, who the hell is going to take Beasley off our hands? Once upon a time you could call the Clippers. Now I don't think so. Joisey? N'awlins? I dunno. But the one opportunity worth watching for is Terrence Ross at somewhere around #15, give or take a couple. But it's addition by subtraction. Dumping some dead wood is as much or more a rationale for such a deal as the draft pick himself."

I also had John Henson as the Jazz' pick at #15, and Austin Rivers at #16 though most people think Rivers will go much higher than that.

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