Friday, April 20, 2012

Girls All-Star Games Set for April 20-21 EDIT ROSTERS NOW SET, TOO


As we reported earlier, the MGBCA all-star game is going to a new format. Players have now been drafted by the four teams--Gold, Green, Blue, Maroon.

Gold, led by Marissa Janning and Jackie Johnson, would have to be regarded as a contender. Richell Mehus, Josie Dillon and Whitney Olson are also potential difference-makers. Coaches are Rick Koivisto and Nick Furnstahl of Red Lake County Central, whose Michaela Casavan is also a Goldie.

Blue has Abbie Whitney, Whitney Tinjum and a bevy of guards including Alexis Foley. Coaches are Deb Williams and Francene Lee of St. Paul Highland, whose Kionda Nicks is also Blue.

Green looks like a contender with Mariah Monke, Kali Peschel and guards Brittney Scherber, Mikayla Bailey, Mariah Adanane, Tessa Cichy and others. Scott Bergman and Don Peschel of Sauk are coaches.

Maroon is loaded with Schumpert and Healy inside and Mullaney, Biewen and Sydney Coffey outside.

In the end the winner will be the team with the best guards and that looks like 1) Maroon, 2) Green, 3) Gold and 4) Blue.

Gold Team
Josie Dillon 6’1 W Benilde-Margaret
Whitney Olson 5’7 PG Cambridge Isanti
Jackie Johnson 6’2 P Eden Prairie
Jessy Noreen 5’7 PG Hawley
Whitney Burmeister 5’10 W Jackson County Central
Mattie Lueck 6’0 P Pequot Lakes
Michaela Casavan 5’10 W Red Lake County Central
Richell Mehus 5’7 W Spring Grove
Katy Kuiper 5’9 PG St. Peter
Marissa Janning 5’8 PG Watertown-Mayer
Rick Koivisto—Red Lake County Central
Nick Furnstahl—Red Lake County Central
Blue Team
Katie Myhre 5’8 W Barnum
Whitney Tinjum 6’2 W Chisago Lakes
Courtney Hulstein 5’7 PG Fulda
Gabbi Steinstra 5’11 PG Minnehaha Academy
Abbie Whitney 6’5 P Sartell-St Stephen
Ellie Zeller 5’8 PG St. Anthony Village
Christine Thorn 5’7 W St. Michael-Albertville
Kionda Nicks 6’1 P St. Paul Highland Park
Alexis Foley 5’10 PG White Bear Lake
Deb Williams—St. Paul Highland Park
Francene Lee—St. Paul Highland Park
Green Team
Britney Scherber 5’9 PG Bloomington Jefferson
Riley Nordgaard 5’11 PG Canby
Mariah Adenane 5’10 W DeLaSalle
Mariah Monke 6’2 P Fergus Falls
Tessa Cichy 6’0 W Hill-Murray
Lindsey Lahr 5’6 PG Isle
Tara Roelofs 5’9 G Lake Crystal-Welcome Memorial
Mikayla Bailey 5’9 G Osseo
Katrina Moenkedick 5’10 P Perham
Kali Peschel 6’1 G Sauk Centre
Scott Bergman—Sauke Centre
Don Peschel—Sauk Centre
Maroon Team
Khadijah Shumpert 6’1 P Benilde-St. Margaret
Heather Strese 6’0 P Brandon-Evansville
Shayne Mullaney 5’8 PG Eden Prairie
Katybeth Biewen 5’9 PG Edina
Sydney Coffey 6’0 W Hopkins
Alissa Retterath G Hutchinson
Alexis Long 5’6 PG Maranatha
AnnMarie Healey 6’1 P Providence Academy
Jess Lillquist 5’11 P Sebeka


The MGBCA all-star games will be Friday night and Saturday afternoon, April 20-21 at the Leonard Center at Macalester College. 6 and 7:30 p.m. on Friday, and 1:30 and 3 p.m. on Saturday.

The 39 participants have been identified by Class (as follows). But my understanding is that the teams will be redistributed, lottery style and, like the Boys, you will end up with Gold, Maroon, Blue and Green or some such. With the games just one week away, maybe we'll only find out who is who on game night?

Class A
Class AA
Richell Mehus
Spring Grove
Katy Kuiper
St. Peter
Riley Nordgaard
Tara Roelofs
LCWM Knights
Courtney Hulstein
Whitney Burmeister
Jackson County Central
Alexis Long
Marantha Christian Academy
Gabbi Stienstra
Minnehaha Academy
Lindsey Lahr
AnnMarie Healy
Providence Academy
Jesica Lillquist
Marissa Janning
Michaela Casavan
Red Lake County Central
Kali Peschel
Sauk Centre
Heather Strese
Jessy Noreen
Katie Myhre
Mattie Lueck
Pequot Lakes

Katrina Moenkedick

Class AAA
Class AAAA
Alissa Retterath
Britney Scherber
Bloomington Jefferson
Mariah Adanene
Jackie Johnson
Eden Prairie
Ellie Zeller
St. Anthony Village
Shayne Mullaney
Eden Prairie
Tessa Cichy
Katybeth Biewen
Kiondra Nicks
St. Paul Highland Park
Alexis Foley
White Bear Lake
Khadijah Shumpert
Benilde-St. Margarets
Mikayla Bailey
Josie Dillon
Benilde-St. Margarets
Sydney Coffey
Whitney Tinjum
Chisago Lakes
Marissa Grossfeld
Abbie Whitney
Sartell-St. Stephen
Whitney Olson
Mariah Monke
Fergus Falls
Christine Thorn
St. Michael-Albertville

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