Sunday, April 8, 2012

North Tartan Set to Dominate AAU Schedule

Perusing the girls AAU rosters, it would seem that if anything the North Tartan club is stronger than ever and more likely to dominate even than in recent years. Time will tell. Time specifically referring to the Midwest Kickoff next weekend (April 14-15), then the Minnesota AAU Qualifier on May 5 and 6, and the AAU State Tournament on May 19-20. All 3 tournaments are in Bloomington, which means Kennedy but also satellite locations for the latter 2.

But back to Tartan, for starters, let's just look at the big 4 2013 rosters.

Tartan Coury

Bigs--Savanna Trapp, Onye Osemenam
Forwards and wings--Tyseanna Johnson, Clarissa Ober, T.T. Starks, Kristina White
Guards--Tesha Buck, Joanna Hedstrom, Grace Coughlin, Rebekah Dahlman

Metro Stars Black

Bigs-- Bryanna Fernstrom
Forwards--Tiffany Flaata, Nia Coffey, Natalie Ratliff, Paige Waytashek, Spier (Buffalo), Taylor Finley
Guards--MC McGrory, Taylor Anderson, Leah Szabla

Minnesota Stars Borowicz

Bigs--Jordyn Alt, Sade Chatman, Rachel Doll
Forwards--Jade Martin
Guards--Jessica January, Phyllis Webb, Janay Morton, Allina Starr

MN Fury

Big--Erin O'Toole
Forwards--Brooke Fitzlar, Lauren Shifflett, Kaytlin Kueffler
Guards--Natalie Van Whye, Katie McDaniels, Larissa Lurken, Deanna Busse, Jacqie Poss


OK, there's some people who will be able to scrap with Tartan in the paint. There's some guards out there, most notably Stars Borowicz, who aren't gonna be thinking of backing down, not even from Rebekah Dahlman. And anybody that's got Nia Coffey is solid on the wing. But nobody has all 3 like Tartan has. Better and deeper up front and on the wing, not quite as good as Stars Borowicz nor even Metro Stars Black at the guard.

So actually I'm talking myself into this being pretty competitive. But still, NT looks like the team to beat. And note that Kevin Anderson has 'em #1, and with Borowicz #2 and Metro Stars #3.


North Tartan Alexander

Defending state champs are back intact.

Inside: Cayla McMorris, Ayo Porte
Forwards and wings: Tonoia Wade, Anna Monke, Clare Lundberg
Guards: Maddy Lee, A. Alexander, Tia Elbert, Kanesha Bell, Micaela Noga

MN Stars Taylor

Bailey Norby
Maddy Dean, Destinee and Daizah Williams
Grace Sawatzke, Carlie Wagner, Lamberty

Metro Stars Reiter

McKenna Happke, Jordan Meyer, Gabby Smith, Taylor Thunstedt

Here it's not so close.


North Tartan Herbrechtsmayer

6-4 Molly Trapp, I assume this of the Esko Trapps
6-2 Sam Trammel, Eden Prairie
6-2 Olivia Hass, St. Peter
6-1 Monica Burich, Roseville
6-1 Courtney Frederickson, Minnetonka
5-10 Marina Nowak, Rogers
5-9 Kanani Ascunscion, Rochester Century
5-7 1/2 Lexi Lee, Maranatha
5-6 Hannah Schaub, Park Center
5-6 Viria Livingstone, Hopkins
5-5 McKenna DuBois, Park Center

Yup, 6-4, 6-2, 6-2, 6-1, 6-1 and these are girls who are going to be sophomores next year.

At 2015, Metro Stars have Maddie Guebert; Fury has Alexis Greene and Jacky Volkert.

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