Saturday, April 14, 2012

High School Coaches of the Year

EDIT APRIL 14, 2012

The 2 coaches associations have announced their CoY for each class. They are now edited in below.


Forgot to include the coaches in the season wrap up. Oops. I mean, what do coaches really do, anyway? (Just kidding.) You've pretty much got to get to the state tournament to be a coach of the year, or there would have to be some really strange circumstance....


Class AAAA--Tim Theisen, Osseo. Mark Gerber of Eastview was my pick going into the state tournament but I had to switch for fairly obvious reasons. The MBCA has chosen Theisen and Scott Swansson of Woodbury as co-coaches of the year. Gerber did not even make section CoY, which seems pretty harsh. 

Class AAA--Reggie Perkins, Minneapolis Washburn. I continue to consider Vern Simmons to be the best coach around, but Reggie had a better year this year. MBCA picked Bob Brink, which is undoubtedly a career award at this point. Reggie and Vern are both section CoY. Somebody on one of the forums gave me a hard time for picking Perkins, the point being that DeLaSalle won the title and coach Dave Thorson should be the coach of the year. The MBCA did not pick Thorson as section CoY.

Class AA--Kirk Thompson, Plainview-EM. Kelly Raymond of St. Peter and John Carlson of Litch get at least a hats off. Ron Vorwald of Worthington somehow bumped Thompson, who is not even section CoY. Raymond and Carlson are both section CoY.

Class A--Hard not to pick the champ Dave Montbriand of BBE, but Tom Vix, Rushford-Peterson, remains the best coach in Class A, career-wise. Montbriand all the way. Vix is section CoY.

Overall--Tim Theisen, Osseo. Let's say Montbriand second and Gerber third. There is no overall by the MBCA.


Class AAAA--Brian Cosgriff. Hard not to pick Matt Nilsen of Edina or Melissa Guebert of Eastview. The best DAY was Charlita Williamson's of Tartan in guiding her team to an upset of Stillwater in Section 4. The MGBCA picked Nilsen as did Kevin Anderson pick Nilsen overall regardless of class. Neither Cos nor Guebert was section CoY.

Class AAA--Josh Mohagen, Fergus Falls. The best DAY anybody had was Michael Wright's of Minneapolis Roosevelt in a near-upset of Park Center in Section 3. Mohagen all the way.

Class AA--Scott Bergman, Sauk Centre. Scott Paukert did a nice job to get Zumbrota-Mazeppa to the state tournament. Bergman all the way for the 2nd straight year.

Class A--Jeff Buffetta, Mountain Iron-Buhl. Dave Smart of Ada-Borup is still pretty smart in my book. Ashlee Zupancich of the new North Woods high school at Cook, MN, also gets a shout-out along with Tammy Filzen, new to Bethlehem Academy. The MGBCA picked Buffetta, not only Jeff but B. Buffetta as assistant of the year.

Overall--Cosgriff, then Buffetta, then Guebert. Again there is no overall CoY.


1. Thiesen
2. Cosgriff
3. Montbriand

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