Sunday, April 28, 2013

Blue wins girls all-star series

Gold--with Tyseanna Johnson, Jade Martin and Janay Morton--looked golden, and Green--starring Rebekah Dahlman, Jessica January and Savanna Trapp--looked like a roster that one should envy. Instead, Gold and Green both got blown out on Friday night and on Saturday the championship game featured such heavyweights as Tarah Cleveland and Sydney Larson.

Ya gotta love it!

Blue Wins 2

Blue came from behind to beat Maroon 105-97 in a thrilling final that made up for the 3 blowouts that came before. Trailing 77-64 at the 9 minute mark, Blue roared back behind Tesha Buck, Joanna Hedstrom and Clarissa Ober. And they did it without Allina Starr, who had been Blue's best player on Friday night but now was missing due to Prom.

On Friday it had been Blue 100 Green 70 as Starr had 14 points 8 rebounds and 8 assists. She and her teammates moved the ball around with the result that 6 players scored in double figures--Hedstrom, Cleveland, Buck, Tori Davidson and Lashay Holt in addition to Starr--and Blue had 24 assists and 10 turnovers. Green had a lot of 1 and 2-touch possessions and forced shots, and 17 assists and 23 turnovers.

Player of the game for Blue was Starr and then Ober, but the top player over the 2 games was Tesha Buck. Over the 2 games Blue's statistical leaders are:

Ober 32 points 18 rebounds 7 blocks
Hedstrom 30 points 7 assists
Buck 28 points 17 rebounds 7 assists 6 steals
Holt 27 points
Davidson 22 points
Cleveland 20 points
Starr (1 game) 14 points 8 assists

Maroon Splits a Pair

Maroon routed Gold 83-61 on Friday and led Blue 77-64 at the 9 minute mark of the final. Not bad for a team of whom little was expected. But Alexis Tappe came out of the gate strong in both halves on Friday scoring 3 quick buckets to open the game and 2 more to start the 2nd half. Gold never knew what him 'em. Like Green they relied on a couple-3 players, put up a bunch of ill-advised 1 and 2-touch shots and never had any rhythm whatsoever.

Tappe finished with 22 points while Drew Sannes and Kenzie Kane also got into double figures. Get this: No metro area girl got into double figure, and yet Maroon won, and won easily.

Player of the game for Maroon was Tappe and then MC McGrory, with McGrory and Angie Davison sharing MVP honors for the 2 games.

Tappe 35 points
McGrory 27 points 19 rebounds 5 steals
Davison 22 points 20 rebounds
Larson 22 points
Kane 21 points
Sannes (1 game) 11 points 3 blocks
Paige Waytashek 18 points 8 assists

Green Splits a Pair

A player can play in 2 all-star games. That's why Nia Coffey wasn't here. She already had her 2. And that's why Trapp and Dahlman each played 1 of the 2 games here. Trapp played on Friday, scoring 8 points with 11 boards and 6 blocks as her team lost big.

Dahlman played Saturday, scoring 20 points with 3 assists and 5 rebounds, helping Green to rebound and defeat the star-crossed Gold. Basically, she shamed her teammates into sharing the ball, which they had refused to do on Friday, is what she did. Though, truthfully, Green wasn't much better on Saturday. On Friday they had 6 assists and 17 turnovers and shot 29-for-83. On Saturday they had 10 assists, 28 turnovers and shot 29-for-79. It's just that that was plenty good against Gold.

Green's top players were Erin O'Toole and, ah, Erin O'Toole.

January 35 points 6 steals
O'Toole 30 points 23 rebounds
Bridgette Audette 21 points 16 rebounds
Dahlman (1 game) 20 points 3 assists
Trapp (1 game) 8 points 11 rebounds 6 blocks
Paige Erickson (1 game) 4 assists
Mikaela Shackleford 19 points 3 assists 6 steals

Gold Drops 2

Wow! I thought this team was golden with Tyseanna Johnson, Jade Martin, Leah Szabla and Janay Morton. Well, they were Gold, in a manner of speaking. That was their name. They just were not a team. They had 16 assists in 2 games, which is about the average that the other teams had in each game. If Friday night wasn't bad enough--6 assists and 17 turnovers--then there's this from Saturday: They increased their assists to 10, but also increased their turnovers to 28. 10 for Szabla and 8 for Morton.

Now, I admit that I'm biased. I'm a big fan of Jessie Mathews. Her teammates just flat out didn't respect her. They pretty much never threw her the ball unless they were stuck in a trap and needed a desperation outlet. Mathews made 1-of-3 FGs, and that was over 2 games. About the only thing her teammates allowed her to do was to hit the defensive board and so that's what Mathews (who is 5-8) did. Oh, and did I mention she led her team in rebounds with 18? She added 4 steals on Saturday. Ya think this is a girl who might have had something to contribute on the offensive end if her teammates had ever allowed her to do it? But instead the big kids went 4-on-5, sometimes 3-on-5, but mostly 2-on-5 and 1-on-5. Of course they dropped 2.

Their top players were Jade Martin and, ah, Jade Martin.

Martin 35 points 16 rebounds
Morton 32 points 5 assists
Szabla 27 points 8 steals
Tyseanna Johnson (1 game) 12 points 9 rebounds 3 assists 6 steals
Mathews 2 points 18 rebounds

The All-Stars All-Stars

C- Erin O'Toole, Hopkins
PF- Drew Sannes, Hawley
SF- Jade Martin, Kennedy
PF- Allina Starr, DeLaSalle
SG- Tesha Buck, Red Wing
6th- MC McGrory, Edina

2nd Team

C- Clarissa Ober, Glencoe
PF- Lashay Holt, St. Paul Humboldt
SF- Alexis Tappe, Frazee
PG- Joanna Hedstrom, Minnetonka

SG- Rebekah Dahlman, Braham
6th- Angie Davison, Maple Grove

3rd Team

C- Savanna Trapp, Esko
PF- Tori Davidson, Northern Freeze
SF- Tysseana Johson, DeLaSalle
PG- Tarah Cleveland, Menagha
SG- Bridget Audette, Big Lake
6th- Sydney Larson, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City

4th Team

C- Tyra Johnson, Eastview
PF- Mikaela Shackleford, Hopkins
SF- Paige Waytashek, Centennial
PG- Jessie Mathews, Faribault Bethlehem
SG- Kaytlin Kuefler, Annandale
6th- Abby Manitz, Kasson-Mantorville


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