Monday, March 7, 2011

NSIC All-Conference

In my coverage of the NSIC tournament, I neglected to post an all-star team or teams. These are my choices, these are not the NSIC's official picks.


Angie Jetvig, Moorhead State. The junior really hit her stride, leading the NSIC in scoring at 20 ppg, while she was 3rd in minutes at an average of 33.7. She was 4th in rebounding, 8th in FG percentage, 4th in FT percentage, 3rd in 3-point FG percentage, 4th in blocks. My choice for Player of the Year.

Ashley Arlen, Wayne State. The official Player of the Year, Arlen is 2nd in the NSIC in points per game, and she is 2nd in rebounding and 8th in blocked shots. Her advantage over Jetvig, however, is Wayne's 25-3 record. I prefer Jetvig.

Maurika Hickman, Concordia (St. Paul) and/Jineen Williams of Concordia (St. Paul). A very dynamic duo. Hickman is 2nd in the NSIC in scoring t 16.5 ppg, plus a .466 shooting percentage from 3-point range. Williams is 5th in scoring at 16 ppg.

Michelle McDonald, Winona, playoff MVP, who scored 65 points in the NSIC tournament and 27 points in the final. She was 6th in scoring in the regular season (with 16 ppg) and she added 7 rebounds (8th), a .597 FG percentage (2nd) and an .843 FT percentage,

All 5 of these women made the NSIC's 10-member all-conference team. 4 of the 5 made the all-tournament team. Jetvig of course did not as her team did not quality for the post-season tournament.


Anthony Moody, Mary, the regular season scoring champion, a clear and easy pick, as his team finished 2nd in the NSIC regular season. Finished with 21 ppg, 4 assists (6th in the NSIC), 1.7 steals (2nd), 2.4 3's (5th) and 38 minutes (tops in the league).

Trevor Witt, St. Cloud State. The pre-season MVP choice did his thing but his team fell off of last year's NSIC post-season championship form. Finished with 20 ppg (3rd), 4 assists (5th), 2.2 3's (6th), 1.5 assists to turnovers (9th) and 36 minutes (2nd).

Jefferson Mason and Marcus Hill, Mankato State. Mason scored 18.5 ppg (5th) with 8 rebounds (5th), and a 559 shooting percentage (3rd). Hill scored 16 ppg (9th) with 5 assists (4th), an .898 FT percentage (1st), a .431 3-point percentage (8th), 2.2 3's per game (7th), 1.5 assists per turnover (7th) and 33 minutes (tenth).

Cody Schilling, Augustana. Schilling was 2nd in the NSIC in scoring with 21 ppg, and he shot .524 (10th) and .882 from the free throw line (5th).

All 5 of my picks made the official 10-member team. Moody, Hill and Witt made all-tournament, and Moody, Mason and Schilling made the all-region team.

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