Saturday, March 19, 2011

St. Thomas About to Win National D3 Title

In about 3 minutes on the game clock and maybe 7-8 minutes on your Rolex, St. Thomas will be the D3 champion. They lead Wooster 74-50 late in the game, having scored an eye-popping 35 points off Wooster turnovers. Since it's turned into a track meet and lay-up contest, the Tommies are shooting 55 percent, and 5 Tommies are in double figures--Hannon and Nance with 16, Healy with 15, Nicolai 11 and Halvorsen 10.

ALERT: The final score is St. Thomas 78 Wooster shell-shocked.

The turnovers are 16 for Wooster, 8 for the Tommies. The steals are St. Thomas 11-1. The assists are 20-7, you know who.

I said Justin Halowell of Wooster would be a tough match-up for the Tommies. Halvorsen has out-scored him 10-3.

With this win to go with 567 previous ones as St. Thomas coach, Steve Fritz becomes the undisputed grand old man (active division) of Minnesota college basketball. I guess Bob McDonald is the the grand old man (active division) of all of Minnesota basketball. But the national title puts him in the company of Joe Hutton and Mike Leaf among men's coaches, and Leaf trails Fritz by about 300 wins.

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