Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Esko Eskomos 60 Hayfield Vikings 54

Kory Deadrick shot Esko to a 44-34 lead early in the 2nd half, scoring 25 points in the 1st and 4 quick points to open the 2nd. After that he ran out of gas, and Cole Krueger brought Hayfield storming back to within 48-46 with more than 5 minutes left to play.

But Hayfield failed to score for over 6 minutes during which time Krueger was called for a controversial offensive foul that sent Hayfield coach Chris Pack into a rage, drawing a technical foul. Casey Staniger missed both of the technical foul shots but quickly hit 2 FT as a result of a foul on the ensuing play. Bobby Wright added 2 more and Deadrick 1 and Esko's lead was 55-46 wit 39 seconds remaining.

Krueger hit a 2 + 1 and a 2 and a 3 within 24 seconds, and suddenly it was 57-54 with 15 seconds left. But Marc Peterson hit 3-of-4 FT to ice it.

Deadrick finished with 30 points, Kruger with 28, but Esko's 24-9 edge on 3 point FG was to much for Hayfield to overcome.

Player of the Day: Deadrick 30 points and 7 boards

I thought Alec Koster was a "hey guys, climb on my back, I'll carry you" type of player. But this, now this is something else again. Cory Deadrick of Esko scored 25 1st half points on 5-of-7 3s, 3-of-6 2s, and 4-of-5 1s. Hayfield led briefly at 20-17 and 22-19 but after accounting for Esko's 1st 5 scores, Deadrick came back with a pair of throws and a 3 and a 2 + 1 to tie it up, then a pair of 3s to make it 33-27.

The score at the half is 35-27 Esko, and Deadrick has 25 points.

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