Friday, March 15, 2013

Girls State Tournament Class A and AA, Target Center, Friday--Wagner Scores 48

Target Center All-Stars Friday March 15

C-Taylor Reiss, Minneota 22 points 8 rebounds
F- Chase Coley, Mpls. Washburn 16 points 19 rebounds 3 assists 5 blocks
F- Shelby Kaster,  Win-E-Mac 17 points 10 boards
G- Carlie Wagtner, NRHEG 48 points 13 rebounds 4 steals (16 turnovers)
G- Rebekah Dahlman, Braham 25 points 3 assists

2nd Team

C- Natalie Holdahl, Mpls. Washburn 17 points
F- Megan Lucas, Mpls. Washburn 14 points 7 boards
F- Megan Kolness, Ada 12 points 8 boards
G- Leah Szabla, Providence 20 points 3 steals
G- Jessie Mathews, BA 16 points 8 boards 4 steals

Coach of the Day--Dave Smart, Ada


At the risk of being grossly premature, speculation is turning to the idea of a second Rebekah Dahlman vs. Carlie Wagner match-up.

But first I suppose I should say that Wagner tied her own tournament record for points in a game with 48. She missed by 1 the record for FG attempts held by Kay Konerza, who shot the ball 40 times in a 1982 game. Wagner made 15-of-39 shots (38 percent) and added 13 rebounds, 4 steals and 16 turnovers.

Who, inquiring minds want to know, is going to guard Wagner tomorrow? On the other hand, who is going to guard Dahlman? I would think you won't see either of them guarding the other except by accident.


Coley got hammered at 12:24 with the result of a bloody nose. It took 2 minutes to stop the bleeding, literally as well as figuratively. NRHEG outscored Washburn 8-0 during that run, and now leads 54-49.

The final was 69-60. Minus bloody nose: 61-60.


Carlie Wagner now has a triple double with 14:17 left in the 2nd half--28 points, 11 boards and 10 turnovers. Meanwhile Chase Coley, Washburn's 6-3 all-state forward, was held scoreless until inside of 15 minutes in the 2nd half when she hit a throw. She quickly added her 1st FG on a put-back. NRHEG enjoys a small lead in the 2nd half.


Minneota and Ada won this afternoon as I predicted ;-) But the big excitement at Target Center was generated by the rematch of "elbow gate," the Braham-Providence game 2 years ago in which Rebekah Dahlman apparently threw an elbow that put Leah Szabla on the ground and Lions coach Ran Rinley into a lather. Well, tonight's game was hard-fought and physical, to be sure, but there was nothing controversial in the interactions among the players.

Not so Providence coach Ray Finley's interactions with his team. Post McKenna Happke and point guard Leah Szabla were in foul trouble through much of the evening, and Finley never went to his bench. Happke fouled out with 8 minutes to go and Szabla with 4 minutes to go. Obviously, then, Finley had to go to his bench, who had to have been aware that they'd received a vote of no-confidence.

Szabla outplayed Dahlman while both were on the floor. Szabla finished with 20 points, 5 boards and 3 steals in 32 minutes, Dahlman with 25 points, 7 of them after Szabla was gone, and 3 assists. Dahlman needed 19 shots to score 25, Szabla scored 20 on just 8 FG attempts. Braham won 49-39. I'm not saying they won because of Finley's personnel decisions, but they sure raised a lot of eyebrows.


As always (with the girls) my game reports will be posted at I'll be reporting various sidebar information here at Minnesota Hoops. First up today, Class A semifinals. It will be a little easier to tell everybody apart today with the red (Faribault Bethlehem) going against the blue (Minneota). Yesterday 3 of the 4 match-ups featured teams with the same colors.

BA and Minneota will be easy to tell apart also because their blue chippers are a guard (BA's Jessie Mathews) and a post (Taylor Reiss). They will of course not oppose one another directly. But Reiss will give Minneota the advantage inside, even against BA's dual posts, Hana Palmer and Taylor Schwab, while it's less clear that Mathews and friends will have any advantage over the Vikings' Molly Hennen, Emily Steinessen and Shelby Corbin. Hennen, a 5-10 guard, in particular makes things go with her defense and her distributions.

Ergo, Minneota should have a slight advantage, though my buddy Kevin picks BA and he is never wrong.

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