Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Big Game March 2: South is better

I said it. South is better. But I never expected this. The Northern Sun, I mean. The Southern Division has now taken 7 of 8 slots in the 2 Final Four tournaments, men's and women's, in Rochester next weekend.

Among the men:

Upper Iowa #S4 vs. Bemidji State #N3
Mankato State #S1 vs. Augustana #S3

The big shockers were of course Upper Iowa winning at #N1 St. Cloud State 73-55, and Bemidji winning at #S2 Winona State 74-72.

Among the women:

Winona State #4S vs. #2S Mankato State
Concordia-St. Paul #1S vs. Augustana #3S

Winona knocking off #N1 St. Cloud 47-45 was the closest thing to a surprise, though Augustana also won on the road.

Player of the Day: Mason Walters, Bemidji State 21 pts, 18 boards at Winona

Coach of the Day: Mike Boschee, Bemidji State men


  1. In the preseason you said it would be U Mary v's UMD(on women's side) in Rochester. So obviously in the preseason you thought the North division was better. Actually the South was better right from the start. It's no surprise that the top 4 teams made it to, the South Div invitational in Rochester. I see #17 Minnesota St v's Augie in the title game. And MSU escapes in a close hard fought title game. Also just one question where is Mankato St? I believe they changed their name back in the 90's?? Just curious why you don't refer to the Mavericks as Minnesota St?

  2. Thx JC. My sense is Rachel Hansen will not let Concordia lose.

    I occasionally use Minnesota State Mankato but it clearly is more words than Mankato State. I use that just because it is shorter, and I don't think it is ambiguous. You know who I mean. And to say Minnesota State, well, that is ambiguous what with Minnesota State Moorhead. It's just shorter and easier to write.

  3. I know Rachel Hansen is a good player/playmaker, but she won't let them lose? Whoa Sunnyday is she Jordan now? Anyway I know you like CU to win it all, and advance to the elite 8. But I believe there is a group Maverick women who would beg to differ. CU is going to have to get by a tough Augie team, for the thrid time this season? Are you sure they're up to it? I could be wrong, but I think Augie knocks them off this time. And yes I know MSU has to get by a feisty Winona St team for the thrid time too. But in the end MSU is a better team, so they survive and advance. Also I think your underestimating a good MSU women's team. And as for CU Hansen is good but I believe Whitting (sp) is the straw the stirs the drink for the Bears she's tough on the low block. So end the end I still believe it's MSU v's Augie playing Sat at three. And if it's anything like their first two meetings. It will be a very entertaining, hard fought, championship game. And MSU survives a close one over Augie for the thrid time.(which won't be easy to accomplish)

  4. I like Mankato. (Oh, 'scuse me, Minnesota State Mankato. Whew!) Ali Wilkinson has had a great year. I'm not an Augustana fan. (It's called Minnesota Hoops for a reason.) And maybe I'm wrong. I see Rachel Hansen made SECOND TEAM all-conference. Not when I saw her, she wasn't.

  5. JC where are you? Thought I would hear from you today! Good picks.