Friday, February 1, 2013

Carlie Wagner verbals Gophers

It was a great day (OK, 25 hours) for the Minnesota Gopher women who broke a 3-game losing streak with a solid 82-67 win over Michigan, and then there's the news (posted on at 1 a.m. this morning, Feb. 1) that Carlie Wagner, widely regarded as the #1 Minnesota recruit among the 2014s, will become a Gopher. Wagner was in fact at the Michigan game last night, sitting behind the Gopher bench.

She had been thought to be leaning that way but Iowa State remained in the mix. She was ready to verbal the Gophers initially some time ago, but was asked by her AAU club to please not verbal yet, so that people (coaches) would continue coming to their games (thereby gaining exposure for her club teammates).

The 5-10 junior guard is scoring 33 ppg for New Richland-Heartland-Ellendale-Geneva and of course set girls state tournament records last March with 48 points in 1 game and 112 in 3.

EDIT: oops, got ahead of myself there. She will not be on the Williams Arena court next fall as she is still a junior.

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