Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Under the Radar

I checked out the player ratings at gPrep and the Breakdown--their top 5, at least, which are free. Most of the players who are rated top 5 are the same among them and here as well, but with some interesting differences.

Players I consider to be Under the Radar are girls I have rated top 5 and which "they" do not.


Not surprisingly, there are no such players among this year's seniors, the Mighty 2013s. By the time girls are seniors, a consensus has pretty much emerged, usually. Here there's a difference of opinion as to who is #1 with 1 vote for Coffey, 1 for Dahlman and 1 for Tyseanna Johnson (that's me). Everybody's got Jade Martin in there somewhere, too, and Jessica January makes 2 of the 3 lists.

But wait. There is one big difference. gPrep has Joanna Hedstrom at #3, while the Breakdown and Mn Hoops do not have her top 5. gPrep tends to follow Gopher signings pretty closely. Shayne Mullaney took a big jump in gPrep's ratings when she verballed Minnesota a year or so ago. Same with Hedstrom. The difference is that I already had Mullaney rated that high, but not Hedstrom. I hope Joanna proves me wrong and has a stellar Gopher career!


Here the Breakdown is the only one of the 3 raters that has  Elle Thompson (Chaska, #5) in the top 5. gPrep is the only one that has Tonoia Wade (Kennedy, #4) in the top. I don't have anybody unique among Wagner, Bell, McMorris, Elbert and Brown.


There's a fair consensus here for such young kids, as all 3 of the raters have T.T. Starks, Maddie Guebert and Sam Trammell 1-2-3, though in different specific order. Starks gets 2 #1s, while I go for Guebert. Viria Livingston and Ali Greene also get 2 votes each.

gPrep has Monica Burich at #5. I've got Tara Dusharm, Foley at #5, so she's Under the Radar.


Everybody's got Nia Hollie, Courtney Frederickson and Taylor Koenen in there somewhere. After that there's a divergence of opinion and why not, these kids are in 9th grade, probably 14 years old or thereabouts.

gPrep has Sydney Tracy of St. Michael-Albertville at #5. The Breakdown has Abby Kain of Simley at #3. Me? I've got Abi Scheid, Elk River at #5. She's Under the Radar.


Finally, there's just 2 ratings of the 2017s, MN Hoops and the Breakdown. Both of us go for Chelsea Mason, Jasmyn Martin (ya think!?) and Lindsay Robson. The Breakdown goes for Cecile Keiger (at #1, ahead of Jasmyn Martin!) and Raeannah Johnson, and trust me, I've got nothin' against these 2 girls. But I have Temi Carda, Lakeville North at #3 and Aejah Locket, Simley at #5. They're Under the Radar.

Under the Radar team/Diaper Dandy division (sophomore or younger) 

C- Tara Dusharm, Foley, 6-5, sophomore
PF- Abi Scheid, Elk River, 6-2, freshman
PG- Temi Carda, Lakeville North, 5-7
G- Aejah Lockett, Simley, 5-6, both 8th grade

To round out my Under the Radar team, I'll tak:

Sarah Kaminski, freshman guard, Minnehaha

She's one of 3 girls I've got rated at #6 in their class and who are not rated in the other top 5s. The other 2 are Allina Starr, DeLaSalle and Taylor Thunstedt, New London-Spicer. But Kaminski is less well known than the other 2 so I'll stay with her.

Their Under the Radar/Diaper Dandy team looks like this:

C- Abby Kain, Simley, 6-4, sophomore
F- Monica Burich, Roseville, 6-1, sophomore
F- Sydney Tracy, St. Michael-Albertville, freshman
G- Raeannah Johnson, St. Michael-Albertville, 8th grade
G- Cecile Kieger, Woodbury, 8th grade

10 great girls!

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