Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Big Game Feb. 28: Welcome to the New World Order


Northome Kelliher 75 Lake of the Woods 29 regular season game
Barnum 85 Hinckley-Finlayson 42 regular season game
Ely 88 Northeast Range 48 regular season game


Marantha 127 Learning for Leadership 5 Section 4A #1 seed vs. #16 I repeat 127-5
DeLaSalle 83 Fridley 14 Section 3AAA #1 vs. #8
St. Paul Humboldt 77 Cristo Rey Jesuit 12 Section 4AA #E3 vs, #14
Southwest Christian 65 North Lakes 6 Section 4A#2 vs. #15
Isle 72 Pillager 17 Section 5A #E1 vs. #E8
Ada-Borup 69 Rothsay 17  Section 6A #N-1 vs. #N-8
Pine River-Backus 90 Northland 38 Section 5A #E2 vs. E7
St. Croix Lutheran 72 Mpls. Henry 22 Section 4AA #4 vs. #13

There cannot possibly be a Player of the Day or a Coach of the Day from games like these, nor least of all any athletic leadership that has created a system where teams and players are asked to end their seasons and their careers in match-ups like these. People who say that athletics are the tail that is wagging the dog cannot possibly explain how games like these can happen. I mean, 127-5! Somebody do something so that games like this never occur again!

My high school, I am sorry to say, was a #8 seed and I ended my high school career vs. a #1 seed, in fact, a team that went on to win the state championship. This grotesque mis-match ended up 79-39, and my teammates and I were suitably embarrassed. Today, half the teams that are seeded #7, #8, #14, #15, #16 would think that 79-39 was a Herculean effort and it would be! Something has to be done to protect kids from humiliations like these. Life is hard enough without this kind of thing. Please!

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