Thursday, February 2, 2012

Boys Ratings Update 2-2-12

Not much has happened at the top of the boys ratings since 1-15. Still, it's about time we up updated, so here goes.

1. Eastview 17-0 (was #1). It's never an anti-climax to win 4 games but after the week the Lightning had back around January 10-14, things have been relatively quiet down Dakota County-way. But Lakeville North and Apple Valley come around again on February 10 and 14, but this time at Eastview. Personally I hope they lose one of them so they don't go into the post-season with the added pressure of an unbeaten record.

2. Hopkins 16-1 (was #2). Also won 4 times but these were some of their better wins--Milwaukee Riverwide, St. Paul Johnson, Osseo, Eden Prairie. The Royals are continuing to improve and will be ready if and when Eastview comes calling.

3. Lakeville North 16-1 (was #4). Look out old Flackie's back! Moves up based on very impressive performance at Apple Valley as Tyler Flack returns from a broken wrist. 5-0 since the 15th.

4. Benilde-St. Margaret's 16-1 (was #3). The only team to beat Eastview, also 5-0 since the 15th. But the Knights' schedule gets easier about when everybody else's gets harder. But of course their post-season schedule is easier, too, so what's the problem?

5. Wayzata 16-0 (was #7). Doesn't play the tough non-conference schedule that the above and many others do, probably their biggest win would be over Cretin. But, the Lake Conference now beckons. Still, what part of 16-0 don't you understand?

6. Apple Valley 12-4 (was #6). Lost decisively to Lakeville North, but hasn't stumbled against anybody not in the top tier. As long as you've got Tyus Jones, you've got a shot.

7. Osseo 15-2 (was #9). Lost only at Hopkins the past 2 weeks.

8. Spring Lake Park 16-1 (was #11). Won 6 times in the past 2 weeks. We'll find out how good they really are tomorrow when Benilde comes calling.

9. Mpls. Washburn 15-2 (was #10). Got a huge win at Eden Prairie, but also lost at the "new" Duluth East.

10. Eden Prairie 13-4 (was #5). Lost 2 in a row to Washburn and at Hopkins.

11 (tie). Woodbury 14-3 and Roseville 15-3 (were #17 tied). Tied atop the Suburban East at 9-1. Woodbury lost to Cretin on Tuesday which could be a tie-breaker here. But, hey, if they're tied in their conference, who am I to separate 'em.

13. Chanhassan 14-4 (was #16). Won 5 times the past 2 weeks.

14. Duluth East 9-8 (was #13). Lost 7 games while Johnny Woodard was out with an injury and Akolda Manyang was not yet eligible. 7-1 since the 2 came back. Lost at Grand Rapids but beat Washburn and Tartan, among others.

15. Edina 14-4 (was not rated). Has won 14 in a row.

16. Blake 14-2 (was not rated). Gets DeLaSalle tonight. Already beat the Islanders for the 1st time in, well, nobody remembers 50-44 back in December.

17. DeLaSalle 11-3 (was not rated).

18. Park Center 12-5 (was not rated). Won 8 in a row.

19. Minnetonka 13-4 (was #8).

20. Grand Rapids 15-3 (was #14).

Honorable Mention: Owatonna (15-3, was HM), Moorhead (12-3, was #12), Tartan (13-4, was #15), Redwood Valley (15-1, was unrated, now #1AA), Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa (16-0, was HM, still #1A)

State Tournament Forecast


1--Lakeville North #3 seed
2--Eden Prairie #4 seed
3--Eastview #1 seed
4--Roseville or Woodbury
6--Hopkins #2 seed
7--Duluth East
8--Buffalo or Moorhead

With the right match-up, you could have a 1st round upset, but Eastview and Hopkins will play for all the marbles.


1--Austin #4 seed
2--Willmar or Mankato East
3--Spring Lake Park #2 seed
4--St. Thomas
5--Rocori or Delano
6--Benilde-SM over Washburn #1 seed
7--Grand Rapids #3 seed
8--Little Falls

You clearly can have a couple 1st round upsets, but it is hard to see Benilde not winning this tournament.


1--Plainview-EM or Byron

Wide open. If I had separate Class AA ratings I would have Redwood, Perham, Waterville 1-2-3 and none of them plays one another in the 1st round.


2--Mountain Lake-BO
3--SW MN Christian
7--Cook County
8--Stephen Argyle

Forget ratings. BBE probably remains vulnerable, like last year, and Rushford Pete is the most likely to pull the upset.

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