Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nia Coffey Verbals Northwestern

Nia Coffey, rated the #1 player in a class (2013 girls) that has been described as among the best Minnesota has ever produced, has verballed Northwestern.

Her father, Richard, as you may recall, wore the maroon and gold under Clem Haskins from 1986-1990.

The loss of such a player is a huge blow to a Minnesota Gopher program that is already on the verge of a 3rd straight losing season, and a program that 5 of the past 6 Minnesota Ms. Basketball players--Courtney Boylan, Tayler Hill, Angel Robinson, Cassie Rochel and Jenna Smith--have by-passed, or been by-passed by, in recent years.

Could Minnesota get shut out of the 2013s or at least shut out of the obvious blue chippers? That would include Coffey (rated #1 on gPrep) and Rebekah Dahlman (rated #2). I have always thought that Tyseanna Johnson (rated #8) was also in that class. Jade Martin (#4 and a Georgetown verbal) maybe. Savanna Trapp just because, hey, she's 6-8. 

Coffey was the one I had heard described as most likely to end up a Gopher, not only because her old man wore the maroon and gold. Coffey and Dahlman were said to dislike one another, maybe this opens the door for Dahlman, but her brother Isaiah eschewed Minnesota in favor of Michigan State. Regardless, Pam really needs either Dahlman or Tyseanna. or this will be a debacle on the order of Hill, Wahlin and Chambers. Northwestern, for example, has just leapfrogged MN on the future potential meter if they hadn't already.

This is bad, bad, bad, bad news for anybody waiting on the return of the glory days of Lindsay Whalen and Janel McCarville at the U of M. 

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