Saturday, May 5, 2012

Girls AAU Qualifier This Weekend

The Girls AAU Qualifier is underway at Bloomington Kennedy and Jefferson. This is not the AAU State Tournament but the prelim that will go a long way to determining the seeds and the draw at State. But of course the teams are already seeded. Here are those seeds.

Play continues Saturday from 8 a.m. to 7:45 p.m. Sunday will feature a series of 1st place Pool A vs. 1st place Pool B games on Kennedy 2 starting with the 12U at 9:15 and continuing through the 13U at 3:30 p.m. The 16U finale is at 2:15. for details.

11th Grade/16U Division

1. Metro Stars Black featuring Nia Coffey, MC McGrory, Bryanna Fernstrom, Leah Szabla, Taylor Anderson, Tiffany Flaata, Emily Spier, Nathalie Ratliff, Taylor Finley and others.

2. North Tartan Nike Elite. Defeated MN Fury 2013 Elite 60-47 last night. Tyseanna Johnson, Rebekah Dahlman, Savanna Trapp, T.T. Starks, Clarissa Ober, Onye Osemenam, Joanna Hedstrom, Tesha Buck and more.

3. MN Stars Borowicz. With Allina Starr, Jessica January, Taylor Stewart, Jade Martin, Sade Chatman, Phyllis Webb, Simone Kolander, Rachel Doll, Janay Morton and others.

4. MN Fury 2013 Elite. Defeated DeWitt 64-46 then lost to Tartan.
5. MN Suns Davison
6. MN Stars DeWitt
7. North Tartan 16U
8. MN Stars Bebo
9. MN Suns Fassett 16U
10. MN Stars Hersch. Defeated Comets 11th Gold 46-22 last night.


1. North Tartan 15U. Already beat MN Suns Arbogast 45-33. Kenisha Bell, Tia Elbert, Cayla McMorris, Micaela Noga, Claire Lundberg and more.
2. Metro Stars 15U. Chase Coley, Hannah Grim, Taylor Thunstedt among others.
3. MN Stars Taylor. Carlie Wagner, Sydney Lamberty, Grace Sawatzke, Bailey Norby and more.
4. MN Fury 2014 Blue.
5. MN Suns Arbogast 15U.


1. North Tartan 14U. Sam Trammel, Courtney Frederickson, Viria Livingston and others.
2. MN Fury 2015 Blue. Alexis Greene and friends.
3. Metro Stars 14U Black. Already beat McGowan 45-21. Maddie Guebert, Hana Metoxen, Raven DuBois and more.
4. MN Stars Antl.
5. MN Suns McGowan.


1. MN Stars Martin. Jasmyn Martin and friends.
2. MN Fury 2016 Blue. Abby Kain and friends.
3. North Tartan 13U. Evelyn Knox, Hannah Hedstrom, Sidney Schiffler and more.
4. Crossfire.
5. MN Heat Elite Lund.


1. North Tartan 12U. Already defeated Johnson 38-32. Cecile Kieger, Danielle Schaub, Temi Carda and more.
2. Lady Monarchs 12U. Beat Metro Stars 12U 36-30.
3. MN Stars Johnson.
4. Metro Stars 12U.
5. Winona Fury 2017.


1. North Tartan West 11U. Kelsey Peschel, Meghan DuBois and others.
2. NC Heat.
3. FM Fusion (ND).
4. North Tartan 11U.
5. MN Fury 2018 Blue.


1. MN Thunder. Already defeated MN Fury 40-19. With 4-foot-6 guard McKenna Hofschild from Prior Lake.
2. Crossfire. Hammered MN Stars Nilsen, not to be confused with MN Stars Nelson, 38-4.
3. MN Stars Nelson. Defeated Tri-City 38-15.
4. North Tartan 10U. Edged MN Suns Clarkin 34-33.
5. MN Fury 2019.

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