Monday, May 28, 2012

No Test This Time (Lynx 84 Seattle 71)

Ho hum. The Lynx made it 4-0 with an easy 84-71 win over Seattle. And in doing so, showed another way to win.

So far this year, in 3 games, they've absolutely shot out the lights from 2-point range. Let the other guy hit a few 3s, we're just gonna make 57-58 percent from 2 point range, and you can't keep up with 3s.

Well, this time the Lynx shot 8-of-14 from 3-point range--5-of-7 by Mya Moore--while making a measly 41.5 percent of their 2-point efforts, But they also held the Storm to 38 percent shooting and a pathetic 34 percent on 2-pointers.

With some easy early wins, the Lynx are finding plenty of minutes even though their going 11-deep with their regular rotation. At the same time, that means that a lot of different combinations are seeing game time together. All of which bodes well for the longer term. Yesterday the minutes looked like this:

C- Taj 24 Adair 16
PF- Brunson 19 Harris 10 Peters 10 Adair 1
SF- Moore 28 Wright 11 Peters 1
PG- Whalen 25 Wiggins 11 Thorn 4
SG- Augustus 23 Wiggins 9 Wright 8

Wright is most improved. Peters is more ready than anticipated. Thorn has been unable to dislodge Wiggins as the top back-up at the point. Otherwise the minutes are about what you'd expect, except that the starters simply haven't been needed as much as they usually are. That of course is because the starters are playing so frighteningly (for the opposition) well. Augustus is the MVP so far, Taj the most amazing, Moore the superstar in waiting, Brunson just incredibly strong, and Whalen the crafty veteran. Everybody has the ability to step up and on any given night, somebody does. This team is very likely to keep its losses in the single digits this year.

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