Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Finish for AAU Qualifier

Play in the Girls AAU Qualifier winds up on Sunday May 6, with most of the favorites advancing to the featured games on Bloomington Kennedy Court #2. See the next post below for some of the "names" who play for these teams.

11th Grade/16U
#2 seed North Tartan Nike Elite (Coury) clobbered #1 Metro Stars Black (Amos) 52-28 to win the AAU Qualifier and, one would think, grab the #1 seed for the AAU state tournament 2 weeks hence. Rebekah Dahlman of NT was the only girl in double figures for either team with 22 points. She and Nia Coffey will be unavailable for the MN title game. Both will be with USA Basketball in Denver, CO.

The #1 and #2 seeds each won 2 games to advance to Sunday's 2:15 p.m. match-up of the 1st place teams in Pool A and Pool B. In Pool A, #1 seeded Metro Stars Black defeated MN Suns Davison 45-32 and MN Stars Borowicz 51-46. In Pool B, #2 seeded North Tartan Nike Elite knocked off MN Fury 2013 Elite 60-47 and MN Stars DeWitt 68-29.

In its win over Borowicz, Stars Black only took the lead for good with 30 seconds remaining on a pair of Nia Coffey FT, according to KJA at Paige Waytashek led Black with 14 points, Coffey had 13, Leah Szabla 7, Taylor Finley and Tiffany Flaata 6, Emily Spier 4 and Bryanna Fernstrom 3. MC McGrory and Taylor Anderson DNP. Phyllis Webb had 12, Janay Morton 11 for Borowicz,
Jessica January 8, Jade Martin and Jordyn Alt 4 and Allina Starr 2. Sade Chatman, Rachel Doll and Simone Kolander all failed to score coming off the bench.

Earlier Webb scored 12 and January and Chatman 10 each as Borowicz beat MN Stars Davison 62-46, again according to KJA. Angie Davison had 13 for Davison.

10th Grade/15U
North Tartan 15U (Alexander) beat Metro Stars 15U (Reiter) 50-43 in Sunday's final. Kenisha Bell scored 14 points for the winners and Micaela Noga 9, Taylor Thunstedt 9 for the Stars.

#2 seed Metro Stars 15U will represent Pool B in tomorrow's feature game, despite a 42-40 loss to MN Stars Waters. But the Stars beat MN Fury 2014 Blue 36-19, and the Fury beat Waters 52-37. With all 3 teams in Pool B at 1-1, the Stars advance with a +13 point differential.

In Pool A, #1 North Tartan 15U and #3 MN Stars Taylor are still playing as of this writing. The winner of this game will play the Stars at 1 p.m., again that's on Kennedy 2.

9th Grade/14U
Chalk up another title for North Tartan, now it is the 14U to go along with the 15 and 16U. Tartan beat Antl 52-39. Viria Livingston scored 16 for the winners, Taylor Hagen scored 12 for the Stars.

Neither of the top 2 pool winners is known at this time. In Pool A, #1 North Tartan 14U and #3 Metro Stars Black 14U are playing late, and #2 Minnesota Fury 2015 Blue and MN Stars Antl are doing the same in Pool B. The 2 winners will play in the feature game of their age group at 11:45 on Kennedy 2.

8th Grade/13U
MN Fury 2016 Blue edged Stars Martin 31-29 in the final. Erika Schlosser scored 10 for the winners, Jasmyn Martin 14 for the losers.

#1 seed MN Stars Martin will play #2 seed MN Fury 2016 Blue at 3:30 Sunday in the feature game. Martin defeated MN Heat Elite Lund 58-36 and North Tartan 18U 58-55. Fury clobbered North Tartan West 13U 36-14 and Crossfire 44-32.

In its win over NT Kuppe (58-55), Martin was led by Ashley Bates with 12 points off the bench, and Kiara Russell with 11. Nia Hollie Jones added 10 boards. Hannah Hedstrom had 14 and Sarah Hart 12 for Kuppe while Lizzie Odegaard had 6 with 8 boards. Martin led by 9 with 50 seconds left and Kuppe got within 1 at 46-45 after a 3 by Hedstrom. Thanks to KJA for those details.

7th Grade/12U
North Tartan 12U hammered Fury 2017 Blue 40-20. Cecille Kieger and Temi Carda scored 8 each for Tartan, Riley Wheatcraft 5 for Fury.

#1 North Tartan 12U and MN Fury 2017 Blue will kick off the series of feature games on Kennedy 2 at 9:15 a.m. Tartan beat Winona Fury 2017 47-17 and MN Stars Johnson 38-32. Fury, only the #6 seed, advanced with a 1-1 record. Fury defeated Lady Monarchs 12U 49-38 but lost to Metro Stars 12U 30-29 for a +10 point differential. Monarchs and Metro Stars each finished at -5 after Monarchs won their match-up 36-30.

6th Grade/11U
North Tartan West 11U defeated NC Heat 38-33.

The game between 1st place Pool A and 1st place Pool B will be on Jefferson 1 at 2 p.m., and the identity of the competitors will be decided by continuing pool play Sunday morning. #1 North Tartan West 11U and #3 FM Fusion (North Dakota) play at 10:15 on Jeff 1 for 1st place in Pool A. Each has a 13 point win over MN Fury 2018 Blue. #2 NC Heat appears poised to advance from Pool B.

5th Grade/10U
MN Thunder edged Stars Nelson 46-44.

There is no cross-over finale but pool play continues. The big game would seem to be between #1 MN Thunder, which is currently 2-0, and #3 MN Stars Nelson, 3-0 already, with margins of 22, 24 and 24 points. Thunder has a 21 and a 48 point win. These 2 match up at 2:15 on Kennedy 5.

North Tartan Summary
North Tartan won 5 of 7 championships, going 5-0 in the finals.

Earlier this summer I wrote that NT would "Dominate." This is certainly not to say that there are not some other great and good teams out there or that NT would go undefeated. But as long as they're seeded #2 (i.e. not #1) in the premiere division 16U, their year might be characterized as a disappointment. Still their 21-6 cumulative record as a club across all age groups so far in the qualifier seems pretty dominant to me. By comparison, Metro Stars have that #1 ranking at 16U. Overall they're 9-4.

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