Monday, May 21, 2012

Gopher Women Sign Their 1st 2013

The Minnesota Gopher women and coach Pam Borton have finally signed a player from the mighty 2013s, generally regarded as among the best classes that the Gopher state has ever produced. No, it's not #1 (mine) Nia Coffey or #1 (HoopGurlz') Rebekah Dahlman or my #2 Tyseanna Johnson.

It's Joanna Hedstrom, formerly of Minnetonka and rumored to be playing for the Hopkins Royals this fall. Now, I will admit to having Hedstrom rated as the #16 player in the 2013s, and the #11  guard after Coffey, Dahlman, Allina Starr, Jessica January, Phyllis Webb, MC McGrory, Taylor Anderson, Leah Szabla, Jacqie Poss and Aimee Pelzer.

Obviously I am wrong.

But am I wrong in scratching my head a bit about the signing of Hedstrom after the signings of the following:

2011--Rachel Banham
2012--Shayne Mullaney and Mikayla Bailey
2014--Kenisha Bell and Grace Coughlin, plus Carlie Wagner is reported to have a scholarship offer.

And now:

2013--Joanna Hedstrom, and we still hope like hell that Rebekah Dahlman will be signing up soon.  If so, here is the Gopher roster at the guard spot in 2014-2015:

Junior--Mullaney and Bailey
Soph--Hedstrom and Dahlman
Frosh--Bell and Coughlin (but if Dahlman signs then probably no Wagner, or vice versa, one would hope)

So with either Dahlman or Wagner but not both, that's 7 guards in 2014-2015. That seems like a lot. Or if neither signs, still there are already 6. And to think a few short years ago we had to bring in a pair of JC transfers just to fill up the guard spot to where they could play for 40 minutes!

The question now is who's gonna play in the front court after Loberg and Dvorak and Kellogg are gone. Granted Kayla Hirt and Amanda Zahui and Jackie Johnson will all just be juniors, but that leaves no depth at all. So surely the next Gopher announcement will be a front court player, no? Unless it's Dahlman or Wagner.

Personally my hope would be for an announcement that Tyseanna Johnson (2013) and Cayla McMorris (2014) might be the next Gophers.

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