Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Eden Prairie Eagles 75 Eastview Lightning 68 (OT)

Final score: Eden Prairie 75 Eastview 68. One of four seeded teams falls. What happened? Grant Shaeffer happened. 39 points in the 2nd half and OT happened. Holy cow!

Eastview had this game won most of the way. They lost it on the last possession of regulation. Ahead by 3 and WITH A FOUL TO GIVE, all they had to do was prevent Shaeffer, who was 8-for-9 in the 2nd half and 4-for-4 on 3-pointers, from beating them. Instead, they lost sight of Shaeffer and didn't use their foul. Of course he converted. OT. Check and mate, EP.


Shaeffer is having one of the greatest halves (plus OT) of basketball I have ever seen. He had 2 points on 0-of-4 shooting at the half. He now has 37 points on 11-of-16 shooting plus 11-of-11 FT and EP is on its way to tomorrow's semi-final against Lakeville North. (It is 70-61 at 1:14.)

Shaeffer blows by everybody for another layup, and then deja vu all over again except it's an and 1. in between it's King for 2 and now King draw another foul. Makes 2 throws this time. 62-61 EP 2:45.

I'll tell you what's overrated, it's that stupid overrated chant. But King misses 2 throws.

I am sorry but Eastview booted that defensive possesion. Shaeffer is 8-of-9 and they had a foul to give, and they lost the guy for an open 3. Ouch. Momentum with EP now.


EP will get a shot. King shooting 2, ahead 55-54, 8 seconds to play. 1st throw is good, 2nd is good. 57-54. Full court pressure by Eastview. Eastview has a foul to give. But it doesn't give it AND MICHAEL JORDAN--NO, NO, THAT'S GRANT SHAEFFER--HITS THE 3. OVERTIME. Eastview lost Shaeffer who is now 8-of-9 in the 2nd half and 3-for-3 on 3s, and they had a foul to give.

Eastview very adept at keep-away, forcing EP to foul. King gets 1-of-2, Sander Mohn his 4th foul. But Shaffer continues his Michael Jordan impression with a long 3. 55-54, still 14 seconds left.

Shaeffer for 3, EP timeout, 47 seconds to play, Eastview's ball leading 54-51.

EP kept the ball out of King's hands but Haugh made a pretty dribble drive through a double to the rim for 2. Mohn hit a pair of throws. 54-48.

Down the stretch it will be Mohn and Shaeffer taking EP's shots, while Eastview tries to get the ball into King's hand where he can do something. Like now, a dribble drive from the top of the key, a foul and 2 FT. 51-46 Eastview and EP takes timeout at 3:40.

2 more on the dribble drive for Shaeffer, who has been unstoppable. 46-46 at 5:50.

King has 7 of Eastview's last 9 points, and Shaeffer 4 of the last 7. Mohn has finally relinquished his job of guarding King. King is scoring and Mohn picked up a 3rd foul.

Eastview's little 7-3 run has come as Grant Shaeffer sat after his 2nd foul at about 12:00. Now would be a good time to get his aggressiveness back in the lineup for EP, and here he comes.

Bolger makes 1-of-2 FT, and King hits a 3 off the offensive board. Suddenly Eastview is up 35-34.

Mohn very physical guarding King. Mohn listed at 6-4, King 6-9, but no way is there 5 inches of difference.

A Mohn 3 makes it 34-28 EP at 12:00. Bolger answers. Where would Eastview be without his 11 points off the bench? 34-31.

2 EP buckets by Shaeffer and Carpenter on a put-back of his own miss gives EP its largest lead at 26-21 but Eastview scores on a King put-back and a pair of throws by Haugh. 26-25 EP at 15:00.

Aside from those 2 FT, the 2nd half is being delayed by an electrical problem. They are setting up a step ladder under the Eastview basket and calling for an elelctrician. OK, now we are ready.

Those are 2nd half points, according to Live Stats, so the half-time score was indeed 21-20 in favor of Eastview. They have to be happy to have Joey King back in the game after he sat out the last 15 minutes of the 1st half. They cannot be happy about much of anything else in this game. They were ahead 21-11 at about 6 minutes and have been out-scored 11-0 since then.

I guess this game has gotten just a bit chippy, or maybe just physical. EP will shoot 2 FT to open the 2nd half (or end the 1st) due to a flagrant foul in the last seconds of the 1st half. Grant Shaeffer shoots 1, it's good, and 2, also good. 22-21 EP, and they retain possession to open the half.


EP students doing the "boring" chant. I don't think Eastview is trying to run the clock, the EP D is just that good. Eastview ended up getting only a desperation shot to end the 1st half after running the clock down from :21. A technical foul was then called on Eastview's Quinn Trusty for some kind of flagrant act in a scrum at the end. EP will shoot 2 foul shots before the start of the 2nd half. So I am not sure that 21-20 is our half-time score. Eastview leads 21-20 right now, but if a FT is made, I would assume it would be attributed to the 1st half.

EP really turned it around, out-scoring Eastview 9-0 in the final 5:30 of the half. Mohn scored 5 of those points for a total of 10 in the 1st half. Haugh has 7 and Bolger 5 for Eastview. Eastview leads 9-4 on points off turnovers, EP leads 6-0 on 2nd chancers. Eastview cannot be happy to be up 21-20 and potentially still to trail at the half after leading 21-11 at 5:30.


A stoppage of play at 2:33 and a lengthy discussion. EP pulled #23 Carpenter off the floor and it looked like a technical foul might ensue. But no, and Eastview in-bounded the ball. Not sure what that was all about.

Sander Mohn has 8 of EP's 14 points but he needs some more help. Haugh leads  Eastview with 7.

EP just broke an almost 5 minute drought on buckets by Jake Hari and Jordan Peterson 19-11.

Now its Sam Burt scoring off the bench, with the assist to Bolger, and makes the and 1. 17-7 at 8:43. EP looking frustrated and getting physical.

Eastview's guards--Haugh and Narum--look a little bit quicker getting to th4e wspot on offense and defense. Haugh adds another bucket, and Bolger a 3 off the bench. 14-7 at 9:30.

Joey King got 2 quick offensive fouls, the 2nd coming at 14:53, and King sat down. For how long? Meanwhile, Sander Mohn scored Eden Prairie's 1st points on a 2 + 1 and Abriam Carpenter scored off the offensive glass. Darin Haugh countered with a 3. Eastview 9 EP 7.

We are underway, and Joey King and Ben Oberfeld score the 1st 2 buckets inside for Eastview, who leads early 4-0.

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