Thursday, March 22, 2012

Friday's Semi-Finals

Class A

BBE looked solid with Connor Goodwin inside and Tommy Goodwin outside. Lots of weapons. MLBO also scored both inside and out but overall not quite as athletic as BBE. BBE should win.

Huisken is a load for Southwest Christian, while Thompson and Vix are a nice pairing for Rushford Pete. I guess 2-on-1 usually goes to 2.

So I'll take BBE and RP in the final.

Class AA

I saw Perham and Litch, and Perham has more weapons in Bruhn, Cresap and Schumacher.

I did not see the others but from what I have read, well, I still have no clue. I guess I'd say PEM in a close one.

Perham and PEM in the final.

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