Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Perham Yellowjackets 51 Worthington Trojans 47

Final: Perham 51 Worthington 47. The stats are very very even: Perham shot 48 percent, Worthington 47. Worthington had 26 boards to 23 for Perham. Worthington had 11 turnovers to nine for Perham, though points off turnovers were 13-8 Perham. 2nd chance points were 8-4 Worthington. FT wre 8-2 Perham. (Yes, Worthington made just 2 FT of just 4 attempts. The FT and the points of turnovers were the story.

Mitch Weg scored 24, Jordan Bruhn 21 but Bruhn had more help, specifically 13 by Jordan Cresap.


Perham now using its fouls to prevent the 3 pointer, though now there's a foul against Perham on the rebound. But FT missed. Game over.

Weg has out-scored Bruhn 24-21. You know, size vs. moves. But Bruhn has had a little more help, except trying to in-bound the ball just now. He has been unable to do so, twice, and has called 2 timeeouts. 3rd time's a charm. He gets it to Anderson, who is fouled and makes 1 of 2, 51-47. 7 seconds left to play.

Vorwald gets inside but misses a lay-up at 23 seconds. Perham is fouled at 22 seconds. Jordan Anderson makes them both, Perham by 5. Weg hits a lay-up, 50-47 at 10.9 seconds.

Perham just keeps milking the clock and is able to play keep-away effectively. Inside of 2 minutes now, the Trojns not fouling. Finally Bluhm is fouled at 0:57 exactly and misses the throw. Weg for a layuup at 36 seconds. 48-45 Perham, timeout Worthington.

Perham running a lot of clock on it's last possession, then getting inside for a lay-up. Worthington responds.

Approaching 5 minutes, Worthington has been unable to use its size much of the 2nd half, whereas Perham's quickness in getting the shots they want is more tangible.

Schumacher with a steal, Bruhn advances it, and gets it to Cresap for a breakaway layup. Textbook. 39-35.

Now, Bruhn finds Wiskow under the hoop for an easy 2. 37-35 Perham. Timeout Worthington.

Cresap from the outside and Bruhn driving to the rim is keeping Perham close. In fact they're back to even at 35-all at 11 minutes.

They're trading baskets--it's just that for the moment that's 2 Worthington baskets to 1 for Perham. The Trojans are getting inside easily. but Mitch Weg has drawn a 3rd foul, though he is staying in the game. 35-30 Worthington at 12:45.

Worthington draws first blood in the 2nd on a 3 by Lucas Henning but Mark Schumacher responds with only his 2nd bucket of the night. 27-24.

Weg has 15 for Worthington and 7 boards leading all players on both teams in both categories. Bruhn has 11 for Perham and has 3 of only 4 assists that were recorded in the 1st half.

In the 2nd half, Perham has to find a way to neutralize Worthington's edge in the lane (20 points in the paint to 12 for Perham) and in 2nd chance points (6-0). I expect to see it step up the defensive pressure at least in the half court. As for Perham, they need to capitalize on their quickness, they need to get out a run a little more.

Did I mention we're inside of a minute. This game is zooming along, unlike every other one today. A Perham steal gives them a chance to tie or lead at half-time. But Bruhn misses the 3. Worthington 24 Perham 22 at half-time.

A Bruhn 2 on a drive and Cresap with a 3 and suddenly it's 22-all. Worthington still dominating the boards as Weg rebounds his own shot, puts it in the bucket and draws the foul. But misses the throw. 24-22 Worthington.

Points in the paint now 18-10 Worthington, overall it is 22-17 Worthington. Perham timeout. The Trojans are finding it much too easy to score. Rebounds are 14-7 and offensive boards 4-0 Worthington.

2 more Worthington buckets in the paint sandwiched around a Bruhn drive. 18-17 Worthington. Offensive boards are 3-0 Worthington.

The 2 teams have decided they like my story line--size vs. quickness. Worthington's last 3 buckets are from point-blank range, 1 of them a put-back. Whereas last time down Perham's Wiskow beat the defense down court for a breakaway layup. 15-14 Perham.

Right now quickness is winning 10-7. Perham has been getting to the rim but has misseed 6-of-10 shots. Turnovers are 5 for Worthington 2 for Perham.

Worthington is huge in case you didn't know. Not huge for AA, just huge. 6-8, 6-5, 6-3, 6-3, 6-2 huge. Perham is quick especially in the person of point guard Jordan Bruhn. Right now it is 7-6 Worthington and the Trojans have an 8-2 edge on the boards.

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