Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lakeville North Panthers 61 Moorhead Spuds 55

Lakeville North started slowly--and especially started very slowly to exploit its size advantage inside. but ultimately it got going both inside and outside. After trailing 18-9 midway through the 1st half, North outscored Moorhead 52-37 the rest of the way. Mr. Inside was Ryan Saarela with 13 points and 13 boards. Mr. Outside was Grant Erickson  with 11 points. Leading scorer Tyler Flack added 8 points and 6 rebounds, all but 1 rebound in the 2nd half.

Ultimately Lakeville North won the game at the FT line with a 17-7 edge, and with 2nd chance points (a 15-5 edge). All the other numbers were very close.


A 3 by Ellingson but 1-of-2 FT by Erickson. And now a missed 3, a North rebound and another Moorhead foul. Saarela hits 2 for a 61-55 lead. And that is the final score.

56-52 North, now 57 as Grant Erickson drains a FT, and now another, 58-52 with 30 seconds remaining.

Tyler Flack for 2 on a nice turnaround from the right baseline. Lakeville North 54 Moorhead 50 with 1:17 to play. Moorhead takes a timeout. They've been looking to Lien of late. What about Nelson?

An exchange of 3s by Tyler of Lakeville and Ellingson (from Lien) for Moorhead. 50-50 . Now 51-50 Lakeville at exactly 5:00. Lien and Nelson will have to do some scoring for Moorhead, Lakeville ought to be looking inside to Flack and Saarela.

Moorhead is trying hard to exploit a mis-match: 6-4 Aaron Lien being guarded by 6-1 Trey Heid. There's a Lein bucket to tie it at 47.

Erik Bye hit a 3 for Moorhead at 8:47, then got the assist on a Camden Bosche lay-up, then Bosche assisted Austin Nelson. Suddenly 45-45 and a Lakeville North timeout at 7:12. The mo has shifted again.

Inside and out. Saarela gets a tip-in, then Grant Erickson an aggressive drive to the hoop. 443-38.

A pair of David Tyler buckets, his 1st of the day, gave North the lead at 37-35, then extended it to 39-35. North is also getting inside a little better with Flack and Saarela in there.

There at 14:13 is Flack's 1st FG, a 3 from the left wing. 35-34 Moorhead. Here on press row, everybody is waiting for Lakeville to catch a spark. They appear flat. Those 2 Moorhead buckets right out of the half-time break were too easy.

All-metro Tyler Flack of Lakeville did not start either half, and has not yet scored. He is at the FT line and there, finally, is his 1st point. He also has just 1 rebound. He does not appear hurt, just a little indifferent.

Moorhead with the 1st 2 buckets of the 2nd half to lead 33-26, but Lakeville counters with a pair. 33-30 at 15:45.


Camden Bosche for 2, Moorhead retakes the lead. Then after a Lakeville miss, Aaron Lien knocks down a pair of throws for a 29-26 half-time lead. The shooting pct. are both in the 40s but Moorhead has 5 3s to just 1 for North, while Lakeville is getting to the FT line, and leading 9 to 2 on FT. Nelson has 12 for Moorhead, all on 3s while Rasmussen and Trey Heid have 8 and 7 for Lakeville North.


A pair of aggressive moves to the hoop by Lakeville's Brett Rasmussen result in a 2 and a 2 + 1 to take the lead at 26-25.

And another 3 for Nelson after a little blow. 21-17 Moorhead at 3:30.

Grant Erickson with a terrific high-speed spin move in the lane for an open lay-up. Am I sure he didn't shuffle his feet? They were a blur, all right. Suddenly it's 18-16.

Right now Moorhead has 6-2 Judd Roessler on 6-7 Tyler Flack. It is hard to envision that as a long-term strategy. And trailing 18-9, Lakeville just scored off the offensive glass to get within 18-11.

Another 3 for Nelson, all from deep in the left corner, and Moorhead leads 15-7.

Moorhead shooting 5-of-9, Lakeville 2-of-5 with 5 turnovers.

A pair of early 3s by Moorhead's Austin Nelson has the Spuds up 10-7 at 13:06.

Another player MIA. Tyler Flack, Lakeville North's leading scorer did not start. But wait, he is into the game at 15:08 with Moorhead up 4-3.

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