Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Osseo Orioles 62 Duluth East Greyhounds 51

The Osseo defense locked down Johnny Woodard with just 1 FG over the last 24 minutes of play. Duluth East overall hit just 7-of-19 2nd half shots, and the Orioles rallied from an 11 point deficit to win 62-51.

The East offense was clicking over the 1st 12 minutes of the 1st half, and the Greyhounds led 27-16. But Osseo scored the last 7 points of the 1st half and had a 19-5 edge to open the 2nd. Duluth outshot Osseo 37 percent to 32 percent in the 1st half, but in the 2nd Osseo shot over 50 percent while Duluth was at 35 percent. Otherwise the stats were pretty even.

Osseo got 18 points from DJ Hebert and 11 each from Ian Theisen and Bridge Tusler. East also had balanced scoring from Taylor Stafford with 17 and Shaq Coleman and Woodard with 12 each. Theisen had 9 boards and Will Johnson of Osseo 4 assists.

Osseo will face Hopkins in tomorrow night's first AAAA semi-final. One can't help but think that the opportunity to upset the Royals was today, and it may not come again.


58-47 at 1:00.

53-47 at 2:13. Duluth just 6-of-15 this half, while Osseo has gotten off 10 more shots (25 total). Duluth has been to the FT line 13 times this half but made only 7.

Clock now a factor 49-42 at 5:10. I just had Taylor Stafford in my lap by the way,and I mean in my lap. His sweat is on my notebook here at courtside.

 Halfway through the 2nd half the mo is all Osseo. Getting open jump shots and making 7-of-14 FG, to Duluth's 2-of-8, and East has 4 2nd half turnovers, Osseo just 1. Woodard has not scored in the 2nd, thanks mostly to DJ Hebert's D.

Osseo's run now at 24-5, scoring inside and out. Meanwhile, the East offense is really struggling--mainly, to get Woodard involved. He is now 2-for-9.

Duluth not getting good looks at the hoop right now. Woodard is not getting the touches where he wants them, and Stafford has been unable to penetrate.

Osseo on a 17-3 run, takes the lead at 31-30 (for the 1st time since 4-2), the extends it to 33-30. DJ Hebert and Will Johnson get the go-ahead scores.

The crowds at this second game look like they're about half as numerous as for the 1st game. Hats off to Hopkins and Woodbury for turning out for their team.

I'm sure both coaches are asking their teams to do better on the defensive boards in the second half. and who can get hot from the field? Neither team is shooting well so far.


Up 27-16 at the 4 minute mark, Duluth East didn't score again in the 1st half, and Osseo scratched back to within 27-21. Both teams are playing good D. East is giving up a lot of size in the pain to Ian Theisen, and Theisen has 7 points and 5 boards.  Duluth has limited his touches but he's been efficient with the one's he's gotten. Osseo has denied Johnny Woodard the ball on his spots, though has 6 points. The difference is that Theisen has been heating up, while Woodard's offense came early.

Unsung hero for Duluth is guard Taylor Stafford, with 9 points. This guy is quick with a capital QUICK.


Duluth timeout at 3:36. East shooting 37.5 percent, Osseo 27.5. There have been 37 rebounds already--20 offensive and 17 defensive. Duluth started out well on the defensive board but neither team is hitting the defensive board right now.

25-14 Duluth. What would these guys look like with a 7-footer underneath?

19-10 Duluth East as Taylor Stafford now has 9 points. Woodard has been a force on defense with 3 boards and 2 blocks.

Theisen taking a blow, Woodard still in there. Depth will be a factor in this game before it's done.

East still up 11-8. right now Taylor Stafford is carrying them on the offensive end, just as he did when Woodard was out with an injury. He's got 7 of East's 11 points.

East up 7-4 at the 13:00 mark. Osseo going inside as Ian Theisen has a big height advantage and a 2-pointer so far. East has 6-4 guard Johnny Woodard guarding the 6-9 Theisen.

The Duluth East Greyhounds have taken the floor for warm-ups and there are clearly no 7-footers among them.

Early indications are that 7-foot center Akola Manyang of Duluth East will NOT be in the lineup today vs. Osseo in the AAAA quarter-finals. But we will watch and see when the Greyhounds take the floor in about an hour-and-a-half to see if there has been a change in his status. If you haven't heard, he was accused of smoking cigarettes, a charge he has denied. A hearing has taken place but there has been no final decision as of yet and, apparently, as these things go, you're guilty (ineligible) until proven innocent.

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